...well we are home...

2 October 2007

we had a lovely time at the family reunion.... as always....it just flew by....and it felt we no sooner arrived and we were making the long haul home again.

So just to recap...we left here on Saturday morning.... (after I finished my night shift).... Brent and Alex were too impatient and they took their own car.... travelling there on Friday night. Mitch was dropped off Friday night to his footy trip...they were off paint balling for the weekend....and although I was nervous about travelling so far away from him.... I couldn't deny him his footy trip...he had been hanging out for it for soooo long....
So it was just Ian ...Briony and I who left for Kingston SE on Saturday morning. We headed down to my Brothers shacks at Kingston.... staying overnight with James and Kelly.... but all visiting David and Jo's for a wonderful meal on the Saturday night. I couldn't get over the countryside......it was incredibly green and lush....it was even drizzling rain..... such a contrast to the dry.... barren drought stricken country here.... check out this photo taken as we drove through Cannawigara on our way to Kingston...

The Reunion was held on Sunday at a family home in Robe....there was probably around 150 Ferguson's and descendants there....an incredible amount of them travelling huge distances...Sydney...WA.... and all over. I haven't included any photos here...as I don't even know half the people in them.... so I'm sure it wont be of any interest to anyone else either....but I am very glad we went. It was lovely to see Grandma Lorna again.. and extended family I hadn't seen for a long time..... so at about 3.30pm we said our goodbyes...and began the long journey home again..... we left Briony with James and Kelly....and brought Kurt home with us..as a little surprise for Mitch.

Ohh...had to laugh... we stopped at around 6.45pm in Pinnaroo to get something to eat..... I went in and ordered a chicken burger for Kurt....and an egg and bacon sandwich for Ian and I.... the woman serving asked "would you like then toasted?" .... I wondered if Id heard right.... Mmmm... I mean ...have you ever heard of an egg and bacon sandwich NOT toasted? ...or perhaps I'm the weird one...lol

It was nice to eventually arrive home...and see that Mitch had survived his footy trip...Yeah...he has a few paintball bruises...but he is intact and had a great time. I do wonder how much sleep he got though....seeing as he was away two nights.....and when I asked him to clean his swag out he replied..."I never slept in it"

So that's our weekend..... over.

So this week...the kids are on holidays... Mitch and Kurt have been spending their time on the PS or riding scooters outside...they are happy to just hang out. Ohh...and they have been cooking pancakes.... lots an lots of pancakes...I just love those little blobs of pancake batter that set like concrete on the bench.... scourer material!

Ian and I went for a lovely walk along the Lake last night..... the boys were down at the skate ramp....and I wanted to stay at least a little close.....I caught the lake just on sunset... how beautiful it is. Such a pity it has now been blocked off..... we do so desperately need rain.

...and just lastly....a layout ...this one of Brent... "the carefree years"

Hope you are all having a great week...


  1. Oh Mardi your posts are always so entertaining. :) The reunion sounds like an awesome weekend.

    Love the photo of the sunset and the fence with the yellow flowers.

    Love this layout! (already told you that tho :D)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend.
    I adore the pictures, especially the one of the lake!
    Great layout as always...
    Have a great week.
    Not long to go now till our little road trip! Yipee!
    PS: I used my machine again...don't faint! lol

  3. What a great weekend you've had! It's always so lovely to catch up with family you haven't seen in a while. Love the pics you captured and your layout looks awesome as always!

    Have a great week Mardi!

    Sheree xx

  4. Hey Mardi.... well sounds like you had a lovely weekend... lol about mitch and not even sleeping in his tent ..... LOVE the photo's beautfiul! And of coarse love the layout!


  5. sounds like a great weekend Mardi!
    That pic of the sunset looks great!
    ROFLMAO @ the treadmill. thanks needed that laugh.
    Well done to Briony for getting straight A's!...WTG!!!!
    LOL @ Brent & the roast fat jar
    those lo's look good & I love what Janelle did with ur pic.
    Hope ur having a great week

  6. oh mardi, love the ripped effect on your lo and oh those 'carefree years'i would to go back to them just for a week!

  7. Hi Mardi
    Glad you had a great reunion and trip away, love your photo's they are just awesome. Great layout too as always, have a great week and enjoy the holidays.
    Take care

  8. Anonymous8:36 am

    Gorgeous photos! And great LO.
    And you just can't trust those Pinnaroo folk ... next time stop at Lameroo, LOL (though you probably would have bypassed it?!).
    Glad the reunion went well. My uncle and aunt from Loxton have a house down at Robe too.

  9. Hi Mardi!

    Just passing through. Love your blog! and I JUST LOVE your profile description!!!! Cracked me up and echos my sentiments EXACTLY! Well... You can tell just by looking at me! =D

    I'll drop by periodically from here on.

    Great layouts!