...Im back..

3 November 2007

...and its been raining...hooray!
Im not sure exactly how much we have had....but its been a nice couple of showery days....and to see some water sitting on the ground is just beautiful.......to see my washing hanging wet on the clothes line is beautiful!! I cant remember the last time I had WET washing from rain. The Riverland has been in the news again this week..... the drought and strict water restrictions are taking a toll on local producers...and with almost a zero water allocation predicted for the months ahead....farmers can no longer sustain their citrus and stone fruit trees..... and their livelihoods are lost...it makes me desperatly sad for them...and just realise how lucky I am to have a job that doesnt rely on 'if we have rain or not.'

I have been off sick from work this week.... what started as a niggling ear ache over the last few months picked up some momentum and turned into an incredible ear ache....a Panadiene Forte type of ear ache! I initally thought Id handle it....so I tried heat...panadol...nurofen.... teatee oil....and then I began to feel unwell all over....so off to the Dr...and some antibiotics..... but at day 5... I was still no better...and in fact I think it had stepped up another notch....so back to the Dr...and off to have a CT of my sinuses..... after a very anxious wait for the results....they came back all clear..... so it was back to the Dr....and a referral to the Ear, Nose, Throat guru later this month....and some voltaren and pain killers to continue with in the mean time..... so its still smoldering there....Id say it has improved....but its far from gone..... grrrr bloody ear.

Kids are good.....nothing to report there.... Im still nagging to get rooms tidy.... although Briony is tidying hers again this morning as I speak...and Mitchell is trying every avoidance technique in the book ...and Brent....well lets just say thats now Alex's problem.

Scrap booking wise.... not much to show...in fact I havent been much in the mood with my ear so painful.....but I do have these couple I havent share before... ... well thats it for this morning.... have a great weekend...


  1. oh mardi! sorry to hear your ear is causing you grief. hope you get it sorted soon. thanks for sharing your beautiful work once again. always LOVE to see your creations! love your style SO much!

  2. The rain has been beautiful! Our new trees that we have just planted are smiling at us and so are the vines. lol
    I really hope your feeling a little better soon. Have you tried chopping your ear off? :)
    Love your layouts too...have a great week won't you, and if you need anything i am only around the corner.

  3. oh yay about the rain!!! Sorry to hear about your ear :( ouch. Love the LO's, espesially adore the birthday one, very cool!

  4. Bugger about your ear Mardi. Hope it is nothing too bad! Good news about the rain, hopefully there will be more for you guys! Cool layouts too.

  5. Glad to hear that finally you guys are getting some rain. I hope you get a bit to fill some dams and resivours, you all certainly need it.
    Hopefully your ear has improved and the specialist is able to get is sorted and your able to get off those painkillers.
    Take care Bronny :)

  6. mardi just lurking your blog again for some inspiration-had to have another peek at Mr 18. I LOVE how you have used the lettering templete-such a brilliant idea!

  7. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Sydney has been getting some rain lately as well. It's great to see isn't it. So glad your getting some too.

    Sorry to read you have not been well. Sending lots of get well wishes and positive vibes your way. I hope your feeling much better ASAP. Your too nice to be sick :)

    Have a wonderful day and take good care of yourself. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  8. Mardi I am sorry to hear you haven't been well. I'm hoping that by now it is feeling much better?

    Great news about the rain - let's hope we all get some!

    Megan xx

  9. I hope that ear has cleared up & nicked off!
    It's great to see rain isn't it... it's almost a calming effect when u watch hey.
    Great designs on the lo's as always
    Take care