7 November 2007

Over the last few weeks... (actually months)...Ive been taking some classes locally.... the group is made up of some friends who I have socialised with since coming to Barmera.... who asked me to teach them a little bit about scrapbooking.

.. SO....I put a kit together for each of them... and we had our first class.... there was three girls to begin with....and we created a very simple layout.... as this sneak peak shows......the were immediately hooked...and wanted another I out together another kit... our group grew to four girls....and we created another layout.... they decided that they would like to meet regularly and the number has grown to five girls.... so the next kits were either boy or girl...and we did this layout... sneak peak..boy...
and sneak peak girl.......and so last night was baby layout night..... I honestly had no idea how much I would enjoy taking these classes.... getting the products together is time consuming...and planning in advance is also time consuming....and I think if anything ... I would be out of pocket.... but I have loved sharing it...and seeing how excited they are by every new technique...and layout. class is Christmas mini albums...

In other news...
*Brent and his job... is stressing me out... him too actually.
*My ear is still aching intermittently....still feel like crapola most days..
*Our new Air conditioner arrived ready for the new house... exciting
*Ian is off to the Dr today for an Insurance express medical...his first visit to the Drs other than to have stitches in over 35years.
*Mitch is off to the Dr too....just to have a couple of moles checked...
*Alex is working two jobs at the moment.... she looks worn out ..poor baby.
*Briony is madly 'wet and dry' rubbing a piece of acrylic in the shape of a heart... its a keyring...which she has only rubbed to a 'B'...and needs to continue rubbing to get an 'A'... she did say "stuff it!...whats wrong with a 'B' anyway"
*Still loving Australian Idol....GO NATALIE!!
*Thats it... nothing else today...


  1. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Hi Mardi!! I love the baby lo very simply you. What a neat idea - you could sell those kits....?? You should try some ear candles. They are fabulous!!! you just get em from the chemist, it may help a little.
    Have a great day
    Lisa A

  2. Wow that's so cool. I didn't know you were teaching friends!
    Over 35 years without going to the DR ? wow!!!
    Go Natalie!!!

  3. Hello gorgeous.

    I wish I lived closer - you'd have 6 in the class then! Good for you for sharing your love of scrapbooking Mardi - there is too much negativity around the place atm, and I am sure these ladies are thrilled with what you are showing them!

    Sorry your ear is still giving you troubles. I hope it clears up soon.

    Megan xx

  4. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Great to hear your news Mardi. Loved your LO's and you go girl!! You would be a natural at teaching - so go for it. Congrats to Mitch for getting his p's!! An awesome accomplishment, not to mention total freedom!

  5. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Oh your LOs are so yummy! Good on you for sharing it all too. I am so jealous of those ladies have you for a teacher!!! Can I crash one of your classes if it ever coincides?! Hope your ear is all better now. x