.... today I made a mini book...

21 November 2007

...about our rental house in Loxton ...way back in 1990 -1991 ... it was a quick project... and I enjoyed getting the memories down..... (what I have noticed though is... my journaling is becoming more and more scrawly... is that because Im now comfortable with the imperfections of my own hand writing...or is it because Im just damn lazy and need to slow down.)
anyway.... looking back at Brent aged two....and Mitchell as a new born baby.... it made me a little sad at just how fast time flies ...
Well...that is all I managed to achieve on my day off.... pooo...back to work tomorrow...


  1. Oh Mardi I LOVE how you have scrapbooked this memory. So precious. :)

  2. Awww...look at all those cute pics! You've done a fabulous job on your mini book Mardi - I really should look at scrapping more of my older pics!

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Sheree xx

  3. WOW Mardi! I LOVE your mini book - what a fabulous keepsake for you. How small were your boys!! I this your handwriting looks excellent too! PERFECT in fact... x Janelle

  4. whoops can't spell - meant to say I think your handwriting looks excellent - sorry for the typo! x Janelle

  5. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Top work as always ... was SO excited to read that you lived in Pine Ave - my Nanna is in Geraldton Street (one street over) and we'd often go for strolls - strange to think you were there and we 'meet' all these years later. I remember going into Eudunda Farmers a lot too. My cousin used to work there!
    Moi x

  6. Mardi this looks sensational. The piccies even look like they were taken by a scrapbooker way back then!!

    I'm sure I've told you we have a great friend from Loxton...don't know if you know the Wurst's, but Andrew is a wonderful friend of ours.

    Hoping you are well,
    Megan xx

  7. gosh its a small world.....DH hubby family is at loxton and my grandparents ran the dairy there:)

  8. Sheesh.....does everyone in the world have a tie to Loxton?...how funny...lol
    Mardi x