13 December 2007

...and its been a trying week.... let me recap a few things....

our house is coming along in leaps and bounds.... so thats a good thing.... you can read much more about it here...if you are interested.Poor Alex's brother has been involved in a terrible accident....and is in ICU in a serious condition....poor Alex and family are distraught....and Brent and Alex rushed to Adelaide to be near him....I'm eagerly awaiting an update tonight. Its so totally tragic as he was acting as a good Samaritan at an accident scene that he came across..... and was run over twice I believe. So in his act of kindness to prevent other motorists from becoming involved...he was injured. It makes me so cross...and so sad. Please keep him in your thoughts.....they need good news.

Briony won an award for 'Conscientious Effort' Ian and I attended the school presentation night last night and were very proud as she accepted it... shes a clever chick....and I love her.

Mitch got a job!!!!!!!!!!
Finally the supermarket saw what they were missing...and he started tonight....he did a 2 hour induction... and is back in next week on Tuesday and Wednesday for training...Im so excited for him.

I got a gorgeous little surprise in the mail this week.... seriously...I was thrilled to bits..... thankyou sooooooooooo much Sheree.....I'm sure you have no idea what good timing that gift put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.
I hope everyone is much more prepared for Chrissie than I am.... its just not happening in this house.


  1. OMG Mardi!! I'm sooo sorry to hear about Alex's brother - I really hope he pulls through ok! It's just so totally aweful and poor Alex must be so distraught! I so hope you get some good news about him asap!

    Sheree xx

    PS. So glad you liked your pressie! Merry Christmas!

  2. Make sure you let us know when you get any news on Alex's brother... such a tragic thing to happen - especially so close to Christmas! Thinking of you all....

    Sheree xx

  3. I hope things are ok with Alex's brother Mardi. Thinking of you all.

    Love your xmas goodies and I am glad they cheered you up.

  4. Wow Mardi - Alex's poor brother! That's just awful. I hope he recovers 100%, and quickly.

    Your house is really coming along! You still haven't emailed me that house plan! Must say, I like the pink/green colour scheme you've gone with. Very brave of you. ;)

    A big hug to you from me. :)

  5. OMG! It's been one bad news after another for you. I hope Alex's brother pulls through. Have you heard an update of how he is? Sending heaps of positive thoughts!

    And for you too my dear!

    I can't believe how quickly the house is coming along! Wow. Fantastic.

    And congrats to Briony and Mitch.

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  7. Oh Mardi how terrible about Alex's brother. Please know that I will keep him, Alex and all your family in my thoughts. Wishing him a speedy and full recovery.

  8. Anonymous7:35 pm

    OMG Mardi was he the cyclist that stopped???

    Please pass on our wishes for Alex and her family...thinking of you all!!

    My gosh the house is moving along fast....

  9. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Oh Mardi that is terrible. The poor guy :-( I know how close you and your family are to Alex so this must have really thrown you all. I am sending all my positive thoughts his way.

    Loving the house stuff, how exciting for you to see it coming along so well :-)

    Take care


  10. Mardi I had no idea about Alex's brother...that is dreadful. How is he now???

    I hope you're having a good weekend so far :-)

    Megan xx

  11. Hi Mardi,
    I really hope all is going well with Alex's Brother, I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, take care and God Bless

  12. Oh Mardi that is terrible. My thoughts go out to him and the rest of his family.

    Take care xx

  13. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Hi Mardi, and welcome to my world - of building homes that is. I'm married to a builder and we build and move every 12 to 18 months. Actually we are almost ready to put our home up for sale early next year and do it all over again. I'm exhausted just typing about it. Looks as though your home is moving along nicely. All the best.

  14. AWWWW man!
    How is Alex's brother?....Hope no news is good news.

    Wow this house is moving very fast......u'll be in in no time!
    p.s please update soon

  15. Hi Mardi,

    We hope you have a good Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. And we pray that you hear some good news soon regarding your brother in law. That is just too tragic.

    Best Wishes and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Jodi & Tracey

  16. Anonymous2:05 pm

    My thoughts are with Alex's brother - for a speedy recover.
    Go Briony!! :D
    Look at your house now! It's looking like a house! woohoo :D

  17. I'm so sorry to hear that Mardi!! Hope he'll recover really soon. And how are you Mardi??

    Well done Briony, congrats!!

  18. Mardi, I keep checking in to see how Alex's brother is- I so hope things are going in the right direction for him. Thinking of you.

    P.S. Congrats on becoming a SM master!!

  19. Firstly my thoughts are with you all and Alex's family too. Hope everything comes right.
    Secondly, huge congratulations on the SM masters, what a huge honnour and one you certainly deserve. Congratulations :) Bronny

  20. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Hi Mardi

    I've finally found some spare time to read friends blogs again. Have been keeping very busy the last few weeks.

    I am so sorry to read the news of Alex's brothers accident. I do hope he is making a recovery and will be out of ICU before Christmas. Sending lots of positive vibes and get well wishes.

    Good news your house is coming along well. I bet your excited about it all.

    Also great news that Mitch got a job. Am hoping the New Year will find something for Brent too.

    Congrats to Briony for her recent award. That's terrific.

    I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I hope it is everything you wish for and lots more. All the best for 2008 as well. May the new year be full of fun, good health, more success and happiness.

    Thanks for all your friendship through 2007. Your wonderful :)

    Take care, love from Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

  21. Hi Mardi, I'm sorry to hear about Alex's brother.
    Just wanted to say congratulations on the Scrapbooking Masters. Your work looks fantastic

  22. Anonymous10:15 pm

    So sorry to hear this - will be in my prayers.

  23. Hi mardi, am a friend of Sherees and have just got back from her place after hearing about Alex's brother and stuff. I hope that all is well over the Christmas period and wanted to say that my prayers are with you. Take care, stay safe and have a ball.
    Leanne :)

  24. Miss sm masters... congratulations!!!!


    p.s hows Alex's brother?