...time for a dot point...

8 December 2007

...Ive had so much happen in the last week or so....its going to be a dot point catch up or nothing at all....

> Mum and Dad have been here for the week..... Dad has helped to build the shed at the new house... they have worked so hard....especially with the weather so hot.
Mum has cooked....mended clothes...sewn Briony a nightie (which she loves Mum...and is wearing) ...got stains out of Brionys white school tops.... among a million other things.
> Ians Mum and Dad have also been here..... Ians Dad has been the other half of the shed building team.... so while Ian has been at work....the two Dads have worked away ...with the assistance of Mitch (who is on holidays)...and got an amazing amount done.....Ian has been there every single afternoon after he finishes....so in the space of a week....its all finished.. and its so appreciated.

> Brent finished up his job at the Nursery last week....the drought has forced them to once again lay off staff....so Brent is back to job seeking....anyone want him?..... he's going cheap.... 'comes with PS2...and incredible ability to dodge any jobs at home... '
> I went back and had my boob lump checked.... fortunately the lump I had been mentally trying to shrink since September hadn't changed..... so they reassured me it was fine.....but unfortunately in the last four months another had arrived...and this one they werent so keen on....so I had a needle biopsy there and then..... results Tuesday... GREAT!

> I haven't scrapped much all week.....I have sewn a few gifts for Briony to give to friends....and finished off a couple of little projects.... ohh...and it was my turn for the Scrapboxx weekly challenge ...so my challenge was to scrap using something old in your stash..... I dragged out these Basic Grey alpha stickers...and I have a new found love for them....

> I haven't got on top of Christmas yet....I have so much to do...and so few opportunities to do it....but theres no use worrying....Im sure it will be done by the day.

>Well...I'm sure there is other stuff happening....as this sounds like nothing at all..... but blowed if I can think of it ..... so that's all for now.


  1. Wow you have had a busy week Mardi! Glad the shed is finally built... gotta love progress! It's a shame about Brent's job... I'm sure he'll find something else soon!
    Your layout looks great! I love using up old stuff and I haven't used those letter stickers in ages too!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend... I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday...fingers crossed for you that everything is ok! Sending you big (((HUGS)))!

    Take care...
    Sheree xx

  2. How exciting..you have a shed...and a framed house. It's all going up so quickly!

    Well..i need a cook, a house cleaner, a babysitter and alive in servant...maybe I could employ Brent. I can play the PS2 all day while he works...;)
    I remember those alphas...they were a favourite of yours once...hehe! Your layout looks fabulous!
    Oh Mardi...sending you lots of hugs...i bet you just want Tuesday to come so you can get the news. Crossing my fingers and toes for you! xxx


  3. just re-read that i want a 'LIVE in servant' not an alive servant! hehe. Well, i want him alive! lol

  4. Wow souns like you have been busy Mardi. Glad the shed is all done. Pity about Brents job though.

    Hoping all goes well on Tuseday. Big hugs coming your way.

  5. Hi Mardi,
    What great parents you guys have to come and help when they are needed and what a busy Mum you have to come and do all those wonderful things for you, they are worth bottling. Love your L.O.
    Good luck for Tuesday, thinking of you.
    Take care

  6. Thanks to our recent emails, I knew all the stuff you have posted about, BUT I hadn't seen that gorgeous layout which was a bonus. You do truly beautiful work Mardi.

    Megan xx

  7. mardi im sending you hugs as well and wish you the best for tues.....i shall be thinking of you

  8. I will be thinking of you today Mardi xxoo

  9. I will be thinking of you today Mardi xxoo

  10. all the best for the test results...im sure they will be fine.Love and hugs

    the shed looks great..and wow that was quick...

  11. Well hopefully you've gotten some good news today about your results Mardi.
    Yay on the guys getting the shed put up so quickly - some days it feels like i wait forever for my hubby to fix even just a little thing lol.

    chat soon
    Julie H xx