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14 January 2008

A fantastic opportunity.... great girls.... friendly forum.... lovely boss lady..... and because Maria covers the details much better than I do.....please read them here....

We currently have an opening on our Design Team. If you are interested in applying, application is simple! - send us via email - three projects that you think show off your style the most - they can be either layouts or off the page projects, they don't need to be new - but they do need to be your original work.

email them to -

Submission deadline is midnight EST Sunday 20th January.

The successful person wil be offered a position on the Scrapboxx Design team - where they will receive generous store discounts, free products, promotion through the site and our newsletters and the opportunity to work along side some fantastic girls! The successful person will also need to be exclusive to Scrapboxx and therefore can not be on any other online store design teams, they can be on Local Scrap Shop Design teams, Manufacturing/wholesale and magazine Design Teams.

Well...... what else has happened this week so far?
I scrapped a few layouts.....nothing to share just yet...and nothing I'm particularly pleased with....but I'm easing back into it.... AND THATS OK!

I did do this one before my surgery.....its my first layout about this journey..... and my feelings about the news.... the journaling is unplanned and scrawled.... it just came out...and I like it that way.

Mitch has had lots of work.... and another 25hours of work planned for this week....its nice to see him enjoying it....and having a bit of spending money.

Briony began her new job this morning too....she has got some casual work at the local deli....and was so excited to get started today.....she is home....tired...starving and looking forward to going back tomorrow....

Brent on the other hand is still job searching....I have spent the morning assisting him with job applications..... and gently prompting him to drop off his resume at different places.....I'm longing for the day he gets permanent work....

Our house is on the move again..... the gyprockers arrived today....and the bricklayer is back in full swing.... I love seeing it such a hive of activity...

Otherwise Im recovering well.... a little stiff and sore.... but taking it easy...doing my exercises and eating well.....oh...and reading....Im enjoying a good book at the moment...lifes ok.


  1. Wow Mardi - what a BEAUTIFUL layout - I loved looking at all of those different pics of you too. Your journaling is so heartfelt and totally you - thanks for sharing that with us. I will keep everything crossed for Brent that he finds the perfect permanent job too. So glad you are going OK. xx Janelle

  2. Mardi that LO is gorgeous, TFS :)

    Lovely to hear you are doing well :)

  3. I love your layout Mardi. Love the unplanned journalling, love the eclectic mix of photos (love your cullottes!). Aaaaaand I love the fact that you actually did this layout on this topic.

  4. Anonymous8:06 pm

    hi Mardi
    such a brilliant layout, and i think a great way to record how you were feeling.

    good luck to Brent on his job searching too

  5. Great to hear you're doing ok and putting your feet up! Your layout looks fantastic! I also loved your collection of pics and thankyou for sharing your journalling too.

    Sheree xx

  6. hi there Miss Mardi!!
    your layout is beautiful! I enjoyed all the flashback photos! Way to go Briony with her new job and glad to hear Brent is getting lots of work..fingers crossed something will pop up for Brent very soon!

  7. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Fab layout, and really touching, heartfelt journalling. I could relate in a small way to some of your journalling but that's another story. You are a champion. Good news about your kids. What's the book, by the way?

  8. fantab. lo Mardi....I must say I like the "unplanned" REAL journalling. :)
    WTG Briony with her job....& let's hope Brent finds one soon too.
    Good to hear ur ok.

  9. Love the layout mardi-no surprise there! And good for you for giving this the lo it deserves. Beautifully done!