11 January 2008

...another thing off the list....well actually a few ticks off my list....(insert big sigh of relief))))
As you can probably gather I'm home.... in fact...you probably heard an enormous sigh on Thursday 10th around 1030am...that was me leaving the Hospital.

So...just to recap.... we left for Adelaide on Sunday lunchtime.... it didn't actually go as planned either.... my car developed a smell..... like something leaking.... which ...with me being the paranoid type... meant... I wasn't happy to travel in it.....so on Friday we had it checked by a mechanic... he reassured us it wasn't serious... but he couldn't find the cause..... so Dad and Ian checked hoses...cleaned the engine....test drove it...and couldn't get it to smell again.....but I still refused to travel in it (much to Ian's annoyance)..... so we finally set off on Sunday in Ian's car.. ..I much preferred the dusty 4 wheel drive ... to my potentially lethally smelly car.

How wonderful to finally arrive in Adelaide....and check into our accommodation....only to find we were allocated room 13..... I was initially mortified.....I thought it was a bad omen....and it took a lot of fast talking from Ian to reassure me it was in fact lucky.....after all....why do people always have mega lotto draws on the 13th...lol

Monday morning was Pre-anesthetic check (tick - easy peasy) and Sentinel node testing (...far out!!... this was the most unpleasant thing Ive ever endured.....the needles were incredibly painful.... and the waiting and 'lying still' gave me incredible anxiety.....I have never felt so relieved than to finally get the texta marks on my boob and leave.... another tick.)

After ...what Id call a fairly sleep less night I was admitted to FMC on Tuesday morning.... fortunately my surgery was early so I didn't have to wait too long.... as I was definitely struggling to control my anxiety by then.

The surgery went as planned.....no unexpected hitches.. another tick.

The staff at FMC were wonderful.....and the Breast nurses are just fabulous...I felt very supported by the staff.....and I made a quick recovery.....I was so keen to get out of hospital (and actually get some sleep) ...that I was initially devastated when on Thursday morning the Dr said "one more day...drains out Friday"....the Breast nurse took one look at my face and promised she would see if she could arrange something so that I could still go home......so within the hour she was back....and had arranged for me to come home with my drains in....and to have them removed by my local GP today.....I was incredibly grateful
.... so drains came out today.....and I'm a free woman again..... tick.

Its wonderful to be home....to see the kids...to put my arms around them....to sleep in my own bed..... to shower in my own bathroom.... and to have my Mum and Dad here......Mum cooking every meal and keeping up with the washing....is just wonderful.
I know in no time Ill be back to my normal self.....but it is lovely to just not have to push my self just yet.
I have to also mention the most wonderful gift from Mitch and Briony.....they decided to buy me a little gift as a home coming....and to mark the memory of my boob.....so with their own money....and the assistance of Granny and Grump they bought me a budgie.....and named it Boozy (Boosie...as in boob) .... I wish I had captured on film the delight on their faces as I arrived home.....and caught site of the cage in the kitchen....especially seeing as they had gone to so much trouble to make little name tags ...so please say hello to 'Boozy'......

...and heres a close up of the name tags ... Briony scrapped a lovely tag....and Mitch couldn't be outdone.....lol...so thats the long and short of it.... Im home...I feel good.... I feel positive....I couldn't give a toss about the loss of my boob.... its so not important in the big scheme of things.... the kids have been fantastic....interested...involved and always humorous....Ive been the butt of more jokes than I can count this week.
I have the best friends ever...the messages...gifts...flowers are just so lovely....and so appreciated.... and as Ive said before....how on earth can I thank everyone enough.

I know Ill be anxious on Wednesday......its never nice anticipating results...and to get your future planned out in advance.....but it will be ok.....it will be another tick off my list.....so I'm switched off until Tuesday night..... only happy... recovery type thoughts until then.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone....and THANKYOU...


  1. What a week you've had. I'm so disappointed that I missed you when you were at FMC but it sounds like you were probably not really feeling up to visitors, so my visit will keep.
    What a wonderful present! You have a very thoughtful family there.
    Now rest up a bit, Miss Mardi. No superwoman stuff. Let your family take care of you for a bit and enjoy it.

  2. Anonymous1:16 am

    Hi Mardi :D
    I totally PMSLOL over the budgie :D :D What a cute pressie. Your kids are so sweet and I love Mitch's name tag with the bandaid heehee.
    I'm glad to hear that your resting up and taking advantage of being looked after. Your family probably really enjoy looking after you too IYKWIM
    Take care

  3. LOL!!! What a crack up Mardi!! Your kids really do have the best sense of humour!! What a lovely prezzie for your homecoming!
    Sounds like quite an ordeal you've been through...at least that part is all over now and you can just concentrate on your recovery... so take it easy, sit back and relax and enjoy being looked after for a while! Nothing beats being back in the comfort of your own home surrounded by the people you love...

    Sheree xx

  4. Hi there Mardi!!
    Welcome home again:) So great to have you back!! Love your new budgie pressie...so cute..and you have a lovely family..your kids and Ian and your parents all rallying around you...it's great that you have such wonderful support...I love the name tags the kids made for your new budgie:)
    Take care

  5. You sound just awesome in this post Mardi. :) I'm so happy reading this. It's wonderful to have you back.

    I just love what Mitch and Briony did. How original are they! :D You have such a fantastic family. They are all doing a great job taking care of you!

  6. Anonymous10:41 am

    hi Mardi it is good to see you back home with your family. good luck with your results next week- i will have averything crossed for a good result, im sure it will be
    take care

  7. Anonymous11:46 am

    Hi Mardi!!!

    I havent read yr blog for a few weeks - that will teach me. I had no idea what was happenin...I glad yr home and feeling so positive. Im sending a very gentle hug yr way.....did ya feel that....? Your an xtreamly lucky lady to have such a vast array of friends that care so much for you. And your wonderful family to carry you through this road bump. Thinking of you

    Lisa Arnet. x

  8. Mardi you are AMAZING!!!!
    And from a flat chested girlie, I have always thought boozies are overated!!! Take Care Mardi!

  9. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Oh bloomin' blogger just ate my comment again!!!
    Love the budgie gift - LOL at the name and the scrapped name tags!!!
    For what it's worth, Matt and I got married on the 13th so we think it's a good date!!! I don't believe any of that other cr*p. Thinking of you. xxx

  10. Hi Mardi,
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you :)

  11. Mardi im s glad it all went well.....the budgie is just the cutest thing...we have two and shelly is so very funny so lets hope your budgie brings a smile to your face everyday!
    And it is SO much better to be at home whatever the situation!
    Love charxx

  12. Anonymous11:05 pm

    good to hear your home and letting your family look after you. Boozy is cute, what a great idea the kids came up with.

  13. all I can say is, what an amazing you are mardi!

  14. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Hey Mardi :)

    the body isn't supposed to be in tact at the end of the journey anyway right ! Your Motto is the same as mine ;) - keep that champagne in one hand and keep enjoying the ride - YOU GO GIRL!

  15. I am so pleased you are home! We have been away for the weekend, so this is the first chance I've had to say WELCOME HOME!!!

    You sound so much better....I am so happy that you have been able to tick off so many things...onward and upward Mardi :-)

    And I love Boozy....both name tags are fabulous lol!

    Megan xx

  16. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Mardi, you are truly an amazing woman. Your positive attitude through all this has been inspiring.

    You have such a wonderful family to support you, and I've said it before, but your kids are hilarious!!

    So glad to hear you are home, and that the surgery went well.

    Take care.

  17. Hi Mardi ... I'll be sending my recovery-type thoughts down to you. Take care of you.

  18. SO glad to hear ur home (& have another tick off ur list)& getting all the support from family & friends....I knew they would.
    Fantastic pressie, great original idea! Mitch is a crack up.
    Great to hear the hosp. staff were fantastic.
    & that's the way to go.....don't think about n e thing else until u have to ;)
    Take it easy girly!!!!!

  19. Mardi - we just got home today and i have been hanging out to read how you have gone with it all. I really did have you in my thoughts a lot.

    Am so pleased it all went ok for you - despite a few hiccups - well the important bit went well.

    Again i will think of you on Wednesday with your results.

    Keep your chin up mate.

  20. welcome home mardi

    i love boozy..how cute..and what a great welcome home pressie - you have a wonderful family.

    take care