Happy Birthday Mitch....

28 January 2008

.. my big 17 year old boy.
Promise I wont embarrass you on my blog... but I do want to wish you a big 'Happy Birthday' for yesterday. I think you had a good day..... even though you woke as early as you did when you were 3 .....even though you dragged me out of bed for your present before my eyes were open...even though you ripped open your present in ten seconds flat....and then disappeared to your PS2 to play your new game....leaving me rubbing sleep out of my eyes wondering what year it was. You then spent the day with your girlfriend visiting ... and chose pizza and chocolate pudding for tea.. yummo...NOT! But....it is your day....and thats the rules...Birthday boy /girl chooses....so all in all...I think you could call it a perfect 17yo birthday.


  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Hello Mardi
    I'm delurking tonight. I have often looked at your blog for creative inspiration and love your stuff. It's been a little while. But WOW I just got a huge bucket load of inspiration from you, and your family and your friends.
    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes for everything going on. And keep on inspiring people in ways that you and they are not expecting.
    cherill w

  2. Oh I see that cherill's found her way here. Yay! (She and I are old gym buddies and I'm afraid that I have rather led her astray into sbing).
    Now, tell me, when did Mitch get to be sixteen, let alone turning seventeen? Last time I looked he was fifteen. LOL, doesn't time fly. And, tell him from me, that pizza and choc pudding sounds like a pretty ideal meal.
    Thanks for the emails :)

  3. happy birthday to Mitch!!!!!
    Sounds like a great 17th birthday!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Mitch!!!!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day....hip hip hooray!

    Megan xx

  5. Anonymous8:11 am

    Happy Birthday Mitch!! Wow 17 - time flies. Great pics Mardi! Love Court xx

  6. Happy b'day Mitch. Sounds like a fun day.

  7. Happy Birthday Mitch! Pizza and choc pudding sounds yum to me!! Glad he had a great day!

    Sheree xx

  8. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Belated birthday wishes Mitch!!!
    Chocolate pudding - haven't seen it for years!!!
    And very good with the blog entry - you can just cut and paste that into the LO about his birthday, LOL.

  9. Anonymous8:40 pm

    MMMM..... pizza and pudding sound yummo to me lol!!!

    Happy birthday Mitch!! Sounds like a great day all round.... well, maybe not the early rising part lol.

    chat soon
    Julie xx

  10. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Oh you have one handsome young man there Mardi *~*~HaPpY bIrTHdaY~*~* Mitch!!!!!!!
    Isn't it funny that no matter how old you are a present from mum and dad is so exciting :0) Sounds like a fun day.
    Take care

  11. Sounds like a great birthday to me - Happy 17th Mitch


  12. Glad to hear you had a great 17th Mitch.

    hope you are feeling well Mardi,

    keep strong

    Cherie xx