...so whats been happening?

31 January 2008

.... life seems surreal at the moment...on one hand things are chaotic...busy and on the other hand...Im sitting like a wounded wood duck watching every thing go on around me.
Im impatient.....I want to back doing what I do..... working.... thinking the biggest dilemma in my life is getting the house tidy.... cursing the 'kids to sport' taxi service.... dreaming of days off....oh well....all in good time as they say.

So little whine over..... let me recap a few of the things Im very thankful for....

While Mum and Dad have been here Ive been sewing..... a few months ago Janelle released this gorgeous quilt pattern......its called 'Citrus Crush' and is one of the amazing quilting patterns in the Janelle Wind Collection .... I fell in love with it immediately.... and wanted one. I plan to have this on the foot of my bed when we move to our new home.
...but....there was a little hiccup......I had never patch worked in my life ....I can sew...but this is big...and I wanted it to look professional.... but the amazing Janelle assured me I could do it with her help......and so with Janelle holding my hand in cyberspace.... I have so far got the top all pieced and I'm ready to begin quilting it all together. I should also mention the fabulous Kerry from Cottage on the Hill who supplied everything and made it so easy...even pre-cutting all my fabrics which made it so easy.The latest Scrapboxx newsletter is out and its brimming with amazing layouts .. new products and information .... this month I had a play with the B.O.S products which included some Grunge board.... its not like anything Ive used before...and I was a bit stuck for what to do with it.....and to be honest I'm looking forward to having more of a play....I don't feel I did it any justice.

On the home front things are progressing well ...exceptionally well.... the bricklayer has completed the entire lower section of the house.....the gyprock is being flushed.... our tiles... bathroom fittings are all on order. The cabinets are to be installed in a couple of weeks....and in the mean time Im still trying to choose paint colours... and splash back tiles..... its fun... a diversion...and although Ill be so very excited when we finally moce in...I think Ill feel a loss at no longer having such a big excitement in my life.
The kids are back at school..... Briony in year 9...and Mitch in year 12.... Im not sure where that time went... they are growing up.
Funny story....I took them to Big W to buy some stationery supplies.... Mitch didnt want anything.... "What....you are year 12 Mitch....you need stationery"... he relented and chose a Bic 2 colour pen....and says "this is all I need!!" ... I felt like tearing my hair out.... how can you begin year 12 with only a bic pen?? surely you need something to write in??? ....so eventually after much arguing he also decided maybe a lined pad and a display folder would be handy..... Mr cheapy cost be about $4.00 ....then it was time to get Brionys supplies.....lets just say the money I saved was blown out the window..... apparently in year 9 you need everything!!.... and it has to be the BEST whats more..... only the $16.00 pencils are any good ... anything cheaper just doesn't last....same with textas....only the expensive ones..... liquid paper needs to be the best.... and so it goes on...lol Brionys saving grace was the fact she takes pride in her work.. and spends a lot of time making sure she does her best....so I figured it was worth the outlay....Mitch on the other hand probably really only needs a bic pen....so who am I to argue.

Brent..... still job seeking..... he had an interview this week for a job he REALLY wants..... I so hope he gets a shot at it.....but Im not getting my hopes up.

Me....I'm coming along....I'm very tired of the trips to Adelaide....Ive been going each week to have fluid drained...and a check up...its a 6 hour round trip....so it takes a full day.... luckily the guys at work have set up a roster system to drive me.....so last week Michael drove me....and yesterday I had Scott as my chauffeur....
Im getting impatient.... I want the next bit of my treatment to begin.... I want to feel like my arm moves freely again....and to top it all off my Dr phoned this morning to tell me the infection is still present.....so Ill be on my third course of a/bs.... grrrrr.

Well I think Ive rattled on far long enough..... have a super Thursday..


  1. Good on you for trying your hand at quilting. It sounds like an awesome undertaking. I'm sure it'll look fab.
    The new house is going up so quickly! Well, I guess for you it probably isn't - you're no doubt dying to get in there.
    Sending you huge healing thoughtwaves and hugs. Remember I'm always up for a coffee when you're down in Adelaide.

  2. Wow!! Check out your quilting!!!!! it looks sensational! And Janelle's pattern is beautiful!!!!! Way to go!!
    I always love reading your updates! Always newsy..Had a chuckle atthe Bic pen..I had the same with Brandt..also going into year 12...We cruised up and down the aisles at Kmart and i kept suggesting this and that and in the end he chose a packet of blue pens(yes Bic ones!) and two highlight pens..and that was it. Capri and Jamison on the other hand had a massive list of needs!!!!
    Your new house is coming along so fast!! And is looking great - its good that youhave that distraction..a bummer that the infection is still hanging around and i know the waiting is so frustrating but you will soon be on your way to your full recovery..lots of prayers still being said for you:)

  3. Love the quilt Mardi. Something I don;t think I've got the patience for.

    Hope all is healing up ok.

  4. Anonymous3:29 pm

    hi Mardi
    its good to see a post from you :)
    the quilt looks great, it would have kept you busy for awhile.
    what a shame the infection is still hanging around- but its great to hear your collegues have organised to take you to adelaide every week- thats awesome:)
    take it easy
    miss j

  5. I'm so impressed with your quilt! Make sure you show us the final product ok?! I have made one quilt in my life, over 10 years ago. Actually it just had a stint on Tassy's bed until yesterday. Totally not colours I would pick nowadays! Very country - maroon/navy/cream.

    ROFL @ Mitch. :D Your updates always make me smile.

  6. Mardi I am SO unbelievably proud of you - your quilt looks totally SENSATIONAL - I just know it will look totally gorgeous on your new bed too.

    ANd WOWEE - look at your house. It is coming along so quickly (for us) and how big does it look!! How exciting!!!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us - and I will cross everything that these last antibiotics knock that infection on the head too.
    xxxxx Janelle

  7. Another one of your hidden talents revealed... quilting!!! It looks fantastic Mardi!! I've been wanting to give it a go myself but still haven't quite worked up the courage. It's going to look beautiful in your new house (which is also looking great!)!
    LOL about the bic pen! Ayden started prep this week, but all we had to do was order a pre-packed book pack & have it delivered to the school and we were all done! Too easy!
    Sorry to hear that infection is still hanging around - let's hope this next round of antibiotics does the trick!
    Thinking of you...
    Sheree xx

  8. Hi mardi, The quilt looks FANTASTIC!

    Your new home is looking great too...

    i hope this lot of antibiotics fixes up the infection soon.

    take care and stay strong
    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous5:02 pm

    The quilt looks great!
    And I like what you did with the grungeboard too. :)
    Thinking of you. xxx

  10. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Love your bic pen story :0) Kids are so funny!
    Love your quilt ;) I must admit envy. I started a quilt about 10 years ago but it was just too hard LOL!!
    Your house is looking fantastic! I bet your itching to get into it. Then just think of the garden you could add and all those little extra's that will make it a home. Your home!! It really is an exciting adventure.
    I am sorry to hear the infection is hanging on. Lets hope the next lot of AB kick it in the bum :0)
    Thinking of you too.

  11. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Wow never a dull moment with you Winens!!! Had to chuckle about the school supplies - Tim is in yr nine this yr as well and I was so happy to just buy him 3 pens, 1 pencil, a ruler and a divided A4 notebook - that's it. They provide the text books and I was so happy to just get that.LOL Jacob needed more stuff, but not as much as last year as well - which begs me to think - what are they teaching these days?? Sorry to hear you are struggling with your healing process - thinking good thoughts and sending great vibes your way. Loved your LO's and your house - wow it's certainly speeding along. Take care and chat soon. Court xx

  12. wow mardi that quilt is AMAZING! you clever girl. Beautiful fabrics. thanks for sharing your layouts and your life. i always get a giggle from your blog.
    take care.