17 January 2008

...it worked! (you all did very well!...obviously all those kick ass thoughts helped)
I got my results.....and they are good.
The lymph nodes were clear.....so thats good news. (excellent news in fact)
There were actually 3 lesions in the one breast.....a little unexpected..... but...at least my initial surgery was the correct decision....and so we are thankful for that.
I have a little bit of treatment to look forward too.....both Chemotherapy and hormone therapy.... both of which increase my chances of a complete recovery.....so all in all I'm lucky...and grateful.
I did score myself a wound infection though.....which I'm a bit miserable about.... as I am bug phobic at the best of times.... but hopefully the a/bs kick in soon...and I can continue my recovery quickly.
So...Im lying low while my arm is sore..... letting the a/b s do their work.....

...there is one other thing I need to mention....and I cant believe I was so 'me me me me' the other day that I didn't mention it on my blog..... Briony has her bands removed yesterday ....she now has a mouth full of perfect teeth... the moment she had been waiting 18 months for...there will definitely be photos to come...


  1. Mardi just read that you are home and well.Glad to see that all went well and i'm sure when you embark in this next phase that you will have the strength to get through this with flying colours. Fantastic news that you are doing so well and that your results were so good too.Great idea with the journal as well.Stay strong and take care rest up while you can.My prayers are with you take care Kerry

  2. argh just lost that post...Mardi so relieved that you results were very good....take it easy and try not to overdo it oaky...cant wait to catch up with you when you are up to it:)

  3. Oh Mardi!!! My God - I am SO relieved to hear your good results!!!!!!!!! Was thinking about you loads today!!!

    YAY for happy news!!! Bugger about the yukky bit though - but it'll be right!!!

    Sending you lots of hugs still!
    Ali :o)

  4. Fabulous! I'm so happy to hear your results are good!! Keep up along that healthy road (despite the infection) and know lots of people are thinking about you!

    Congrats to Briony too!

  5. Anonymous1:35 am

    Oh Mardi, I have been agonising since Tuesday about you and sooo very worried - I am so relieved you are o.k - I know the journey isn't finished yet but I'm so happy right now. I was going to ring, but was thinking you were having family time etc...grinning from ear to ear!!!You go girl and kick that cancerous butt!!!!Love Court xx

  6. Anonymous1:37 am

    Sorry, me again - lol CONRATS TO BRIONY - can't wait to see your beautiful smile. Tim changed braces colours the other day - green!!LOL he has a bit of a way to go yet. Court xx

  7. Anonymous7:17 am

    So happy that your results are great, Mardi. I sincerely will pray for your full recovery. Take care & can't wait to see the new photos of Briony with her 1000Watt smile.

  8. Yah Mardi!! So glad to hear that the results were positive. Just go to get rid of the nasty little bug and you will be feeling heaps better. Good luck with the chemo and hormone therapy.
    Leanne Love :)

  9. So so pleased for you that your results were so good. take it easy while you get rid of that nasty bug.

    Congrats to Briony it must be a huge relief to get those bands off.


    leeanne x

  10. Anonymous7:39 am

    Great news. I have been checking your blog so often waiting to read about the results! Hope the infection clears up quickly.

  11. I'm so pleased about your good results, stay strong, and I will continue sending positive thoughts. Congratulations to Briony

  12. hey you. hadn't poked my head in here to comment yet, but have been praying for you. thinking about you. and admiring you and your kick ass, feminine courage from afar. You're awesome, Mardi. Love that you are well and your results were good. a nasty little infection won't slow YOU down. lol. Does it even know who it's up against!!?? lol.

    so glad you are doing great. and looking forward to some piccies of your gorgeous, braces-free girl.

    Donna xx

  13. Anonymous9:46 am

    Woohoo..so glad that it's all good news!! Been thinking about you all week, holding my breath for the results!! So relieved for you!!

    Rest up, and take good care of yourself (that means spoil yourself silly)!!

  14. You know how I feel about all of this - I am so relieved and happy that things are going so well!!!!

    And I'd love to see Briony's beautiful new smile - I remember how wonderful it was when I got my braces off!

    Happy Days Mardi!!!!!

    Megan xx

  15. Another hurdle jumped. Must be the power of positive thinking. Take care and let the a/bs do their job.
    Briony must be a happy girl!

    karen x

  16. Anonymous2:07 pm

    that is such awesome news
    congrats and i will continue to send good vibes your way

  17. WOOHOO MARDI!!! I'm SO relieved that you got such positive results!! That infection will clear up in no time too.... You go girl!!

    Yay for Briony as well!! No doubt we'll be seeing some gorgeous pics of her dazzling new smile sometime soon!

    Take care
    Sheree xx

  18. Anonymous6:49 pm

    You already know I think that's super duper news and all that ... so relieved ...
    But just wanted to say a huge CONGRATS to Briony on the braces off! (I still remember the strange feeling of having mine off ... just in time for my debut!) Enjoy it - but isn't it a weird, and so SMOOTH sensation?!

  19. Anonymous9:14 pm

    You know I have been thinking of you heaps too Mardi :0)
    I'm so glad your results were good results. Bugga about the infection but GOOD GIRL for taking it easy and letting the AB do their bit ;)
    {{{{{more kickass}}}}} and positive vibes coming your way fast :)

    A big congrats to Briony. I bet she is so stoked to have the braces off finally....woohooooooooo....just for you Briony :D
    Can't wait to see those "straight" pearly whites in you next photo :D
    Take care & much love

  20. Hi Mardi, have been thinking of you all week, (have had no internet access) I am so glad things went well for you, other than the infection.

    Love Boozy...that is such a cute idea. What super kids you have....

    Congrats to Briony and her gorgeous smile.

    Take care, take it easy and stay strong,
    Cherie xxooxx

  21. awesome just awesome Marid so glad about your good news hopefully you recover quickly and get back behind the camera soon, cant wait to see Briony's new smile

    Rest up and Take Care
    Megan xx

  22. Oh Mardi that is the best news, you've been in my thoughts every single day and hearing that has just put a huge smile on my face, i am so so relieved and happy for you and i believe that the next part of your treatment journey will bring even better news, your the strong one chickadee.

    and WOO HOO!!!! Briony how awesome, good on you darlin.

    Will always be thinking of you while your resting and taking care

    Love Jodes

  23. Anonymous9:44 am

    How wonderful. I am so thrilled for you and your family. You must be so relieved. Can't wait to see those pics of Briony and her perfect smile.

    I'm so happy for you all.

  24. That is awesome news mardi. Yeah for you.

  25. Mardi, great news on the results. Rest up as much as you can and wish you a speedy recovery.

    BTW Briony's teeth look fantastic. ;)

  26. you bloody beauty!

    Well done Mardi. I knew you would be A-OK.

    Stay strong babe.

  27. We are soooo glad that you are ok. Best of luck, take care and rest up.

    Best Wishes

    Tracey and Jodi

  28. What fantastic news Mardi!! I'm so happy for you that it's looking this good.

    Briony's teeth look beautiful!!
    Happy b'day to Mitch!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Mardi that is wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you :) That is the best results you can hope for.
    Sorry to hear of your wound infection though I hope it clears up soon.

    Your quilt is just lovely, well done!!! That is quite an achievement ;)

    Take Care and I wish you well on your road to recovery
    Tracy x

  31. Hi Mardi, I've just stumbled across your blog and I must say that I was reading your posts with my heart in my mouth. So glad that things are going well for you as I'm sure they will continue to do.

    All the very best to you and your family


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