... I did it...

27 February 2008

...I had my hair cut short in preparation.....
I feel older.... and uglier.... but oh well.... its not about winning a beauty contest.... and it WILL grow back.
....I do have to say a HUGE THANKYOU to my friend Keryn..... who after listening to me moan about whether to have it cut or not.....and moan about the waste of money if I cut it and it just fell out the day after..... went and secretly arranged me a cut with my Hairdresser..... her gift to me..... Thankyou... mwah
I should also mention Nellie cut it beautifully and styled it perfectly..... stupid me should have taken a decent shot then.....as I just cant get the knack of anything other than 'wash and wear'.


  1. Anonymous9:13 am

    oh well done Mardi, youre a brave girl:) How really nice of your friend to organise it all for you too..

    good luck with the next treatment:)


  2. Oh Mardi, how silly of you to think you look older and uglier...it looks great. You are Gorgeous xx

    Keep Strong,

    Cherie xx

  3. You look gotgeous mardi!!! What a great friend you have in keryn!

  4. Well I think you look beautiful -just to match who you are, a beautiful person with a heart of gold!
    Re: your last post. No probs about the photo. I'll take pics of Briony any day. She is VERY photogenic. Love what you did with the layout byt the way, and your other layouts look fabulous too.

  5. You know Mardi I've been thinking that's exactly what i would do if I was in your shoes - get a major haircut. I think it's a fantastic idea. And you look gorgeous. :)

  6. Mardi you look fantastic!! How lovely of Keryn to organise it for you. A new do always takes a little time for you to get used to... but it looks great!

    Sheree xx

  7. you are BEAUTIFUL and it has nothing to do with your hair.

  8. Hi Mardi, I have been reading your blog for ages now and so admire for you for the courage you are showing at this moment in your life. I think that your hair cut is beautiful, and you look great. Take care and good luck.

  9. Anonymous11:00 am

    It looks fab Mardi and I agree with Donna - your beauty has nothing to do with your appearance.

    I can imagine though that as much as you prepare yourself, it will still be confronting when the physical changes happen.

    We are all travelling this road with you

    Allie xox

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    You look beautiful Mardi - absoultely beautiful!

    You are ballsy and beautiful :o)

  11. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I think you're beautiful! Moi x

  12. Anonymous5:14 pm

    You honestly look great - goodness if I was going through what you are I would be a train wreck before I even started!! You look terrific Mardi - seriously - you bright bubbly self!! Court xx