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24 February 2008

Its Scrapboxx Newsletter time again.... well.. a week ago now probably....seeing as I seemed to blur a week away..... I had a few layouts this month..... this one using a beautiful Belinda photograph (Thanks Belinda....I adored this photograph...and you have my permission to photograph Briony as much as you like...your pics rock!).... of our DD's together..... and I also revamped the HS ghost alphas... for a "project from the past" .... even though they aren't really that old....and a mini album...celebrating the month of LOVE ..... I used a Petaloo mini box album....and sorted through the reject pile of old photos.....I was able to crop 14 shots perfect in size that wouldn't have made it to an album otherwise....and I now have a cute little keepsake of Briony from a baby to 14years...
.....I then did a couple of layouts for the "You asked for it" project.....I used multiple photos....from older occasions (the good old days) ....and some older products like MM foam stamps...and MM metal photo corners......
...and finally my CJ entry.... I actually did this one a long time ago.....as you can see the house is just slab.... but I was really happy with how it turned out...and I'm pleased to be able to share it now.....seeing as I just don't feel in the groove at the moment....other things....
Chemo dose #1 - tick
Sick.....sick sick ...for 48hrs...and then I did manage my night shift last night....although I was anxious.... and worried Id be unwell...as I cant take my anti nausea meds as they cause drowsiness....so I was praying all night Id be ok....and I was.

The house is coming along.... the tiler and painter have made a start....and all the cabinets are all fitted..... lots of little choices to come this week.... tile placement...grout... paint colours for some feature walls.

Brent has some training days in Adelaide this week for his new job....unfortunately they are on the opposite side of the city....and he is worried about finding everything...and making it there on time.... I'm not sure how we will manage this yet.....I want him to arrive calm...and ready to learn....not stressed and having a meltdown....so at this stage the options are I travel with him and stay in Adelaide 3 days....or Ian drives him down tonight....and we go back for him Wednesday....just what we need is another 14 hours of trips to Adelaide.

Mitch...anyone want him? ....just when the plate is loaded.... and he has his first car..... (photos to come)..... he decides we are the worst parents...we don't allow him to do anything..... we are the apparent parents from hell. Everyone else can do anything.....we just control him too much...

...but on the flip side.... I have so much to be thankful for.... and grateful for...

* my work mates have been a wonderful support....and the roster is arranged to take me for my treatments..... I don't have to worry about all the travel....they have it covered....bless them.
They have also made up a 'Chemo countdown' chart for the wall too.....which I thought was very cool....and once it is showing lower numbers I'm sure Ill find it inspiring....

* I received some gorgeous Cheer me ups..... thank you Helen ......you put some colour back and a smile on my face...I just love the products you choose.... and Court.... your Hat was just the perfect 'Mardi hat'....and #1 in my collection....thank you my friends..

*I had the most delicious baked spud and salad last night.....my friend Keryn made it for my tea....and it was just what I felt like.... as I have no idea from one minute to the next what will tempt my taste buds.

...and as you can tell Im deliriously rambling.... so Ill stop.... and take my misery bucket body to the shower.... Have a super Sunday... M x


  1. At least dose #1 is out of the way now...I'm glad you're feeling a little better today. Sounds like you have the most wonderful, supportive workmates Mardi!
    Loved all your Scrapboxx projects this month - your CJ entry looks awesome!
    Great to see the house is coming along so well, it must be getting more exciting by the day watching its progress!
    Hope you get something sorted for Brent and good luck with Mitch! Doesn't every teenager go through the "I've got the worst parents in the world" stage? I've got all that to look forward too! LOL!

    Hope you're having a great Sunday...
    Sheree xx

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I'm sorry that you felt ill after your first dose of chemo :( That sucks.
    But something to get excited about...you are one dose closer to the last dose :0)
    I totally love your boxx newsletter LO's. they look awesome!
    I was also reading your below post about how can you say thank you? You did just that by writing thank you :)
    The only thing that anybody WANTS from you Miss Mardi, is for you to be well & happy :0)

    As for Mitch? Has he been talking to Dwayne? because I thought I was the worse mum in the world that never lets heim do anything and all his friends can do whatever they want :X Go figure?? Teenage boys huh!
    Take care

    PS I tagged you ;)

  3. I loved your work in the newsletter! Always inspiring.
    My goodness, you do have lots going on, wishing you all the best through it. I guess it's 1 day at a time.
    I seem to remember teens come back to mum at 20ish! By then they've come to appreciate what mums actually do!! Hang in there.

  4. hi there Mardi!!
    So glad you can tick that first chemo treatment off your list..i think your work colleagues sound so supportive and lovely! Always love seeing your layout:)
    Good luck with your boys...Brent with his Adelaide trip and Mitch with his teen 'tude...and hey, apparently WE'RE the worst and strictest parents around..just ask Brandt. Everyone else is allowed to do SO much more than he is...apparently....
    take care

  5. I am so relieved that your first treatment is over Mardi. As Tammy has said, one dose down and I am so glad you can mark it off and the countdown is on.:)) We are here with you every step of the way:))

    I always LOVE seeing your inspiring work Mardi. Thank you for your beautiful e-mail.

    Sending you many hugs and kisses...

  6. U r such a trooper Mardi, I don't think I'd bounce back that quick.
    Totally blows that u were sick but as Tam said....one step closer.
    U have some fantastic work mates there.
    Hope Brent get's his travel sorted out.
    As for Mitch....well I don't have a clue but I guess we all wanted everything others had & were allowed to do. Not always the best option. lol
    N e ways take care chickie
    P.s Love the lo's -as always ;P

  7. That's wonderful that your workmates are doing the chaufering (sp?). That must be a huge help to you and Ian!

    I hope something not-too-stressful gets sorted out with Brent.

    Yes I know v little about chemo, but I'm really impressed that you managed to work already! Wow you really are a trooper. Right now I'm dealing with a v sooky dave and wondering what he would be like in your situation. He would simply NOT cope. You are a legend my friend. I'm so proud of you.

  8. Anonymous12:16 pm

    I too am totally impressed that you are working ...
    Your stuff is gorgeous as always. Hope Brent's work stuff works out OK and I hope Mitch soon realises how wonderful your family is too.
    xxx Moi

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Hey Mardi, quick note as I will pm you. I havn't been well for a week so have missed keeping up with everyone. Glad your first chemo is over with, you are such a trooper. (((hugs))) Court.xx