...its been a week..

10 February 2008

... gee time has just flown... its hard to believe that its over a month since my surgery...and I'm back to work this Tuesday..... I have made a huge improvement this last week or so... and Im pretty sure I might have my infection beaten this time.

So...just a brief dot point of whats been happening....

~ Brent had an interview for a job.....we were all hoping so badly he would get it.... and he did!!!
So he begins at the end of this month..... its Casual employment at this stage.... but we are just thrilled...and he has a bounce back in his step!

~Mitch continues to get plenty of hours at the Supermarket.... he has his sights set on buying a car.... he is so determined to 'save' ....that he has surrendered his bank access card to Ian.... I think he learnt very quickly that all those little junk food purchases...and PS2 games added up to a LOT of money....and he isn't risking the temptation any longer.

~ Briony is also getting some work each week at the deli..... and she is loving it. She is also saving... her first few pays went on new clothes and shoes..... Imelda Winen.... has more shoes than you could ever imagine!

~ Ive been scrapping.... working on some Scrapboxx newsletter layouts......and some brand new class layouts for Kim at KimArcher@home ..... this girl never ceases to amaze me..... the latest lot of classes are amazing!! (Lucy...if you read this.... I think you'll love some of these!!)
I did do a few other 'just for me' layouts as well..... so here are a couple...and Ill share some more later....

~Work on our new home has continued.....its changing every single day....the gyprock is now all flushed...cornices up....and the painter arrives tomorrow....
The Bricklayer will be complete by the end of this week......and I am so excited to think my cabinets will be in in the next week or so.....I think that will make it look very much like a home.

~ We have begun the mammoth task of sorting out....and packing....it will be awhile before we move...but its an opportunity to cleanse.....so Im beginning early.... Briony and I spent all day today sorting.... chucking out.... and making decisions on whether we wanted it....or could live without it..... and boy it feels good. I seriously couldn't believe some of the things Id kept all these years.... paints that were hard in the tube.... all the bits of wool left from long stitch kits....old greeting cards... and other similar crap.

~ I'm off to Adelaide bright and early in the morning.....I have two appointments.... hopefully my final surgical appointment...(I'm pretty sure he will be happy with me....fingers crossed)
Ive also got my first medical appointment.... so I should have the answers to a few queries tomorrow....I'm a bit nervous for some reason..... I guess because its a step out of my comfort zone... but Ill be fine.


  1. Good luck with your appointments tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!

    Yay for the kids. And the house is looking fab!

  2. Anonymous7:16 am

    good luck today Mardi
    will be thinking of you

  3. hi there
    thinking of you today with your appointments:) Always love reading your newsy updates!!! And your layotus are great! thanks for all your hard work for the @home site too:))))))

  4. Good luck with your appointments Mardi.

    I am also off to visit the surgeon today.

  5. Hey there Mardi.
    WOW has is been that long - time sure does fly!
    Congrats to Brent on the job - that's fabulous news and i'm glad to hear that Mitch and Briony are working hard. Each time i see Mitch at work he always has the biggest smile on his face which is great!
    Thinking of you day at your appointment - everything will be fine i know it!
    Talk soon,

  6. Sheesh that has gone quick!...
    Hope all does go well for ur app'ts They will...I'm positive! :)
    That's great Brent got the job, & Mitch & Briony working hard & saving their $$.
    Love those lo design's!
    The house is moving along nicely! Before u know it u'll be in!
    ...he he I have greeting cards that are shoved in a draw too.... I think I need to do a cleaning fizz too.

  7. I love all the handwriting on Mitch's layout. And I love seeing the progress shots of your house! So exciting!
    I'm always thinking of you Mardi. :)

  8. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Yay re the infection, and Brent's job! Best wishes Mardi with the appt. Love the LOs!!! Especially love all the scraps of PP next to the bracket. xxx

  9. Hi Mardi!
    Sounds like the kids are all pretty happy with their jobs and good on them for saving some dollars!! LOVING those layouts.... and look at your house! It's coming together so nicely....Hope all went well with your appointments today and best of luck with your first day back at work tomorrow!!

    Sheree xx

  10. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Hey Mardi they are some seriuosly gorgeous layouts :0) your work is always beautiful!!!

    Your home is coming along nicely now...looks super....not long til you will be all moved in I am sure

    Take care ok


  11. Anonymous8:37 am

    I'm so glad you are feeling better Mardi. And I know I am late in reading your blog, but I hope every thing went well in Adelaide for you. Great the kids are doing so well in their work ventures and your house - wow it's moving right along. take care Court :)

  12. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I hope your appointments went well yesterday!
    Your house is coming along too! How excitement :0)