Not that long ago.....

19 February 2008

...In a conversation with a dear friend....... I asked a question.... it was about something I had thought of often... and something I didn't really know the answer to at the time.... we chatted about it.... and I thought long and hard following that conversation....

...but nothing changed for some time.....and then I was dealt a challenge.... in fact the biggest challenge in my life so far.....and with that challenge...the answer to my question became very clear....

...its amazing that in such a short time..... my life has altered.... changed in such a way that Ill never be the 'old me' again..... not physically (and thats ok).... but more importantly something changed within..... like something dawned on me.... like I finally got my' thongs on the right feet'....that answer I was searching for.....its all so clear now...

I have been absolutely BLESSED... by support....and kindness.... its come from so many places... from so many people... and incredibly its come from people I never expected..... people that are busy..... and yet still make the time.... I know when I write this..... that you will understand..... that every single gesture has been SO appreciated..... I feel useless can I say a THANKYOU that is big enough...its like I cant possibly get down into words how grateful I feel..... the last little gift in my mailbox just blew me away.....its so treasured already.... Ive read and re-read it....and its such perfect timing for my big event tomorrow....

Please know that I have gained strength from ALL of this ..... and I feel like I have now learnt that lesson ....loud and clear...

There is a power out there.... and I can feel it.

So...... I left work tonight almost in tears..... its tiring (although it shouldn't be...its probably my head space ).... my armpit/shoulder swells and aches.... then to have my blood taken and be told not to lift (mmm yeah right...I'm at work!) as I need to conserve the vein for tomorrows treatment just about finished me just sounded too real..... eeeek tomorrow is the day!..... at least it will be another tick off my list.

My day is scheduled as follows....
6.30am...leave for Adelaide....the dreaded 3 hour trip....
10am... Heart scan
11.40... Oncologist appointment.... and some questions answered
1300... Cancer care Nurse
1400 first dose....
1530 hopefully finished
then the three hour trip home again.....

Ok.....just before I go....and seeing as Ive rattled on...and on.... I did have a play with this yummy Tarisota collection (big thankyou to the gorgeous Tamar) .... it was jam packed with the most beautiful papers...fabrics.....stamps and embellies....and it worked so perfectly for this layout recording my journey.....

...and this random one about the dishes routine in our house.....
" She loved life and it loved her right back"
Mardi xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. There absolutely is power out there and your hand will be held SO tight tomorrow that you will 'feel' it. YOU will be embraced by Him and all of us who love and support you.

    Sending ALL of my love, support and courage for tomorrow - let's kick its butt!!! MWAH x 100 xx Janelle

  2. You're making me cry girl! Will be thinking of you tomorrow!

  3. Hey girl know that we are all here for you. xoxo

  4. Mardi I'm so glad you feel it. :)

    I'm always thinking of you, but even more so tomorrow.

  5. You're getting me all teary Mardi!! You write and express yourself so beautifully...
    I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow, sending you my very best 'kick butt' vibes and support from afar...

    Sheree xxxx((((HUGS))))xxxx

  6. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Hopefully we can try to imagine all that you are going through and hopefully learn from you as well....that we are all truly blessed and Mardi you are an amazing special lady and we will all be with you through the tough times, call when you need a chat and when you just need anything - we are here for you. Now pull on those big girl panties and go blast those things outta there!Love ya Mardi. Court :)

  7. Anonymous10:37 pm your LO's especially the tree - how gorgeous is that!! Ah the dishes - you are lucky to have two other females in the house is all I'm gonna say.LOL
    Court :)

  8. Anonymous10:44 pm


  9. Oh Mardi...your getting me all teary now too! :)
    You are just so amazing - an inspiration to us all.
    You are a beautiful person Mardi and a beautiful friend.
    All my thoughts are with you tomorrow.
    Lots of love,

  10. Mardi, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow, as indeed you've been every day for the last little while. I hope that there aren't even any stray cancer cells remaining after the surgery, but if there are by chance any lurkers, they don't stand a chance! Go gettem girl!

  11. hi there:)
    You're always in my thoughts! Feel the are surrounded by a wall of protection...
    Big hugs..
    Oh..your layouts are gorgeous. love the layout of you and your journey and I also love the contrast of that one with the everyday doing the dishes layout! beautiful stuff!

  12. Anonymous9:56 am

    Thinking of you today Mardi. Praying that everything goes perfectly!!!!


  13. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Yep, you've got it - you love life and we are loving you right back.

    We are all holding your hand Mardi, I hope you can feel it because the power of all these prayers and thoughts is amazing.

    Thinking of you my lovely friend

    Allie xox

  14. You are one gorgeous, amazingly strong woman Mardi. Truly an inspiration. Thinking of you. Tatum xx

  15. Anonymous9:58 pm

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey along.
    Tamar xx