...super weekend..

18 February 2008

.. there is nothing like a visit from family. This weekend I realised just how much I was missing them all.....its been quite a while since we have caught up and it was so fabulous to have David, Jo and the kids come to stay with us..... we talked...laughed... and were entertained endlessly by the kids.
There was lots of swimming.... PS2 playing.... DVD watching... 10 pin bowling...wrestles... and bug catching.....Charlie spent the entire weekend searching and capturing bugs.... with assistance from Cooper... and the others at times..... we had pots with swimmer beetles.... wasps... bees... grass hoppers....and even a red back spider. He never stopped.... it entertained him ALL weekend... and even as David and Jo were saying their good byes....Charlie was rolling over the sleepers in the garden for a last minute bug search.
So if you do read this guys.....thanks for the visit....and heres a few photos...reminders of a wonderful weekend.....


  1. Fantastic photos Mardi! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    Sheree xx

  2. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Fabulous photo's!
    What well captured actions shots :0)

  3. Glad to hear you had a geat weekend.

    Great action photos Mardi.....

    Cherie xx

  4. WOW- Looks as if you all had a ball!!! Great action shots- can't wait to see how you scrap them!!!!

    Have a great day! :0)

  5. Sounds like u needed that FUN weekend. Good to see a great time was had & LOVE those action shots....waiting patiently for the lo's ;)
    I wish u SUPER luck for Thurs. & will be thinking about u.

  6. Fab photos - love the last one with the budgie! You need a weekend like that sometimes.