... another day...

1 March 2008

...and I passed the tug test.
Each day... the kids....and Ian submit me to the 'tug test' so far.... so good..... this hair is hanging in there...lol

...and Im feeling well again....really well....so thats good too.

So lets quickly update whats been happening.....

Brent had a great time away at his training course in Adelaide....he managed to drive there and back uneventfully.... and other than... not realising he needed to check out on the last morning.... thinking he could just go back at the end of the day and collect his stuff.... he coped well.

Mitch has been working a lot of after school hours at the Supermarket..... he will be getting a nice fat pay cheque this week.

Ian has spent the day today concreting the new shed.... thanks to Shane and Rikki for their help too..... he is very excited about finally having a floor...a man needs his shed....and I think he has been dreaming about this shed forever.

Ive been spending some time back in my scrap room...and loving it... its amazing that when you are in the mood....layouts are easy... effortless.... so Im making the most of it.

I did this one last night.....using mainly older products....love using them up.... and love getting this moment down on paper.... and yep...its another 8.5 x 11...

ok...gotta run... ohh...and did I mention I feel WELL....... thats such a big thing for me this week....lol


  1. Love the new 'do' Mardi - it suits you. Glad to hear that you passed the 'tug test.' How funny is that.
    Ohhhhh, another 8.5 x 11...are we converted?? pmsl
    Love the layout and I am over the moon to hear that you are feeling so great.
    Catch up soon.

  2. You look so darn cute!!!!
    LOVE the new do... LOVE the layout and LOVE hearing you feel great!!!
    Hugs - Helenxxxxx

  3. It's fantastic that you're feeling great Mardi...so good to hear!! Let's hope you pass the tug test for a little while yet! I'm loving that new do - it looks fab on you! And of course I love your latest layout - always love a new Mardi creation...

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Hey Mardi!! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling WELL..that is super!!

    LOVE your layouts they are all so gorgeous and you know what??? your new hair do is totally gorgeous too!! I LOVE it :0)

    Take care and I hope you continue feeling well


  5. so great that you are feeling good Mardi...and your hair really does look fantastic...

    take care

  6. thats awesome that you feeling so great atm. omg how funny is the tug test-having 3 teenagers has gotta keep you grounded!

  7. Anonymous10:23 pm

    So good to hear you are feeling well.

    The 8.5 x 11's agree with you Ms Mardi :o)

    Have a great weekend xx

  8. So glad to hear that you're feeling well. And you're lookin' good too. And what are you doing still up?

  9. I am SO totally thrilled that you are feeling SO good and loving your new hair. I just know that you are going to embrace each new thing that comes your way with your strength and courage - and always remember I am here for you, no matter what too. I think you look GORGEOUS! xx Janelle

  10. The new do looks beautiful Mardi.

    Love the layout xx

    Glad to hear you are feeling better...

    Take care and stay strong
    Cherie xx

  11. The new do looks beautiful Mardi.

    Love the layout xx

    Glad to hear you are feeling better...

    Take care and stay strong
    Cherie xx

  12. Anonymous11:48 am

    Glad you are well - you look great!
    Love the LO - brought back memories of me doing the same kind of thing to my older cousins ... LOL
    Moi x

  13. Oh your hair looks so cute with the little clip! I love it. I really enjoyed reading these two posts - so happy and positive and you sound just wonderful. I'm so proud of you. :D

    PS - I have that exact same green top!

  14. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I love all your LO's Mardi - have to check out your cover one - how gorgeous is that!! Love how it just pops! Court xx

  15. Anonymous9:48 am

    Hey Mardi,

    I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well. Your new hair do looks fantastic. I hope you got my message through Megan a couple of months ago. I was offline for so long and had no way of contacting you. Take care sweetie xxxxx

    Mel D


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