...tug test.........passed!

2 March 2008

....and I'm thrilled!!!
But for a far more important reason than ever now....I want it to stay attached until Tuesday 11th....1700hrs!!

..... because.....
My fabulous Team at work...as well as some members from other Riverland Teams have registered for the "Worlds Greatest Shave" for the Leukaemia foundation..... and its such a worthwhile cause!I'm humbled to think that so many of them are prepared to go bald with me...... no hesitation!!
.... so at this stage we have almost 10 participants and the possibility of more.... we are registered as a (group - Riverland Ambos) ..... and donations can be made online at - worldsgreatestshave.com or in person....

Alternatively a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation would also be appreciated in support of this incredible act of bravery from the Riverland Ambos.. ....donations collected personally will be distributed between both of these worthwhile Foundations.

So..... a big warm Thankyou to these brave 'baldies to be' ....John, Michael, Kathy, Andrew, Garry, Scott, Ian(Yes...hubbie is doing it too) and myself or course then there is Eli and Briony...who are opting for the colour instead.
I'm so excited about making a positive from this..... and to raise some funds and have some fun...

So.... any support would be appreciated.... donations to the Worlds greatest Shave
will be tallied online....so please if you would like to sponsor us .... please type "Riverland Ambos" in the (Group Name) box....this will ensure the donations are tallied to us.

if you would prefer to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation ... in support of our shave..... then please do so online or in person.... follow the above link. If you choose to make your donation this way (which Id personally be thrilled about) Id also love it you left me a comment or dropped me an email .... as these donations wont be tallied... and although I don't care to know how much you donate....Id love to keep a list of the amount of donations we generate.... as a motivator for my Team.

All donations over $2.00 are Tax deductible..... and very easy to do online.... I kicked off this morning making a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation .... super easy.


  1. What a great bunch of people you work with Mardi. It must be so inspiring for you to have so much support all round. Looking forward to seeing the after photos of everyone.


    Leeanne x

  2. Hi Mardi! What a fantastic, supportive team of people you work with!!! I think it's such a wonderful thing that everyone is getting involved!

    I've just made my donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation online. So easy!

    Have a great week!
    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Love the haircut Mardi :0) and I PMSLOL when I think of you walking around tugging your hair :0)

    What a great bunch of co-workers! How supportive are they. I'd love to see a group shot of the fruit scones after their haircuts ;)

  4. You have THE best set of work colleagues ever. What a bunch of supportive people to do this with you Mardi!!! Fantastic!!

  5. Your coworkers really are special people. You are so blessed to have them all supporting you at this difficult time. I've made my donation to the worlds greatest shave... good luck!

  6. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Your workmates are SO SWEET.