...another one down...

14 March 2008

Yippee... I finally got the go ahead for dose two....and its done and dusted.
Huge thanks to John for taking me yesterday......for staying with me as we trudged from floor to floor of FMC locating a path form.....then waiting with me in every single department as I had all the necessary appointments.... and then for coming back and waiting out the last of my Chemo with me.... you are a true gentleman...a great boss...and and a wonderful friend.

I also want to thank Tammy..... Tammy with a heart of gold!! Tammy came to sit with me throughout my entire Chemo session..... and brought with her a beautiful gift.... it was a quote book.... full of the most beautiful quotes....most I hadn't even seen before....it is funky...bright....and I LOVE it!
.... having Chemo makes me anxious.... and I can tell I'm not my usual easy going self.... my mind seems to be racing.... and waiting to detect something (who knows what...lol) ... I repeatedly need to relax myself as I sit as rigid as a ram rod.... so it was lovely to the company....THANKYOU.

So...today....my house is a bomb site.... Im waiting on the housework fairy.... I feel like Ive been dropped from a height.... my headaches....me body aches....and basically I feel like crapola... but thats ok...I know I will feel well again soon.

Now...to all the girls off to the Scrapboxx retreat..... have the best time...as I know you will..... says me...sitting... envious...and forlorn... and wishfully!


  1. I wish I was closer Mardi and I would come and be your housework fairy....

    Don't worry about the housework, rest and take care of yourself....

    hugs to you, stay strong,
    Cherie xxoo

  2. I'm happy to hear that there's another tick of your list Mardi - not too happy to hear that your not feeling well.
    I am more than happy to come and fold washing or be a 'cleaning fairy' ;) It's always nicer to do someone's other than your own.
    Call me if you need me...xxx

  3. Another one down... YAY! Horrible how it makes you feel so bad though... hopefully it'll pass quickly for you!

    You'd have a whole band of housework fairies if we all lived closer!! Maybe your house will magically clean itself overnight?!

    Take care,
    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Yes I'd like to know where that housework fairy is hiding...lazy sod LOL!!

    Take care sweets and rest up :)

  5. Anonymous12:35 am

    hey Mardi, long time no chat.
    firstly if you can't find a housework fairy right away I find Rose coloured glasses will work great ;o)
    good to hear about about the lovely Tammy, being there for you. As we all would love to be. You needn't be too amaized by the generous and caring people around because 'like attracts like'
    I missed not seeing you on the retreat this year. there was no-one crying when it was time to go home, though Maria was very close. maybe next year. all the best and keep counting down those treatments. we'll have a "Mardi Pardi" when its all over ;o)