15 March 2008

...whats happening?

Chemo sucks!
Mitch learnt that rope swings suck!.... his mate has suffered a back injury...not nice!
Its hot....this heat wave continues!
Ian's parent are on a houseboat this weekend....hope to catch up after work tonight!
Im back at work.... feel like a bucket of crapola....but Im here!
One more sleep to Brents birthday....Mr 19 soon!
...thats about it...


  1. Hope Mitch's mate's ok?
    Hope the heat wave breaks soon...we're getting it now :(
    Wishing u a speedy recovery...& I hope u feel back to urself real soon. ;P


  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Oh dear :0( I hope Mitch's friend hasn't hurt his back to badly. That is scary.
    As for the heat wave...I've had a guts full of it and everyday is another day of groaning...bring on Wednesday and the cool change!!
    Sorry to hear that you feel like crapola. That sucks. I've heard that grated apple is good for nausea...and as for feeling emotionally raw, I can understand that. It was an anxious wait for your blood results and the not knowing if you were going to have your chemo or not would all be very draining emotionally. And the drive down & back too. So don't be too hard on yourself sweets. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope Mitch's mate os ok and I hope you are feeling better soon....take it easy

    Cherie xoxox

  4. Mardi i hope that Mitchs mate is okay those burns kill.Sorry to here that you feel crapola hugs to you sweet.

  5. Hi Mardi, Sorry to hear that you feel crappy but its another tick on the list and one treatment closer to the end so that is all good. Mr 19.....can you believe that..I can still clearly see in my mind that long scrawny baby lying in the insulcot...give he a cuddle from me, Love Donna

  6. I really hope Mitch's mate is ok... back injuries can be such an aweful thing to endure.

    I've been thinking of all you Adelaide girls with the terrible heat wave you've been suffering! I'm crossing my fingers that you get that cool change coming your way asap!

    Hoping you start to feel better real soon! It really does suck that chemo makes you feel so bad.

    Sheree xx

  7. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Sending you some hugs Mardi. I'm sorry you are feeling like crap :-(

    I'll send you an email, I'm thinking of coming up for a drive either Friday or Monday.....


  8. Anonymous6:53 am

    Hi Mard,sorry to hear your feeling like crap! Think of you daily and I'm so inspire by your courage and openess in your lifes journey. Who knows Mard the wispy bed hair might turn into lush, wavy locks when it grows Who are we kidding, the gene pool says, "don't count on it", hey
    Love ya heaps, Happy Birthday Brent!

  9. big hug

    hope it passes quickly and you feel better really soon

  10. take care babe

    the heat is shocking isnt is havings some very hot days too...

  11. Just letting you know I have tagged you! Check out my blog for the details. :)

    Happy birthday Brent!

  12. Hi Mardi. I've just come across your blog recently and just want to wish you all the very best in kicking this disease's butt!
    Sending you lots of strong healthy vibes. xx