..check out these...

24 March 2008

I have had some takers on my little 'brain wave' ... and just as I imagined.... I have loved reading a little more about where people live.....

in fact.....I have been put to shame... their photos are just amazing.... I have now been inspired to take some more detailed ones.... I love that idea.

anyway.... check out these....

Helen ...and her gorgeous spot in Vic
Janelle...and her historic and beautiful spot in NSW

I cant wait to see who shares next.... so please dont forget to leave a comment or drop me an email so I can check out your spot...and add the link to my blog...

Ohhh... how are your Easter bellies going??


  1. Anonymous12:52 pm

    That is such a cool idea Mardi - loved seeing the pix of your town in your last post. Will have to take the camera out with me this week and snap some shots of Rocky.

    Happy Easter to you all - hope you've had an awesome long weekend.

    Julie xx
    ps - loved that sunflower beanie in your last post.

  2. Hey Mardi...I do that too with the towns. Will have to take some pic's of around here probably after school holiday's though.

    I like the "sun flower head" beanie
    UR shots are beautiful. Wow the lake shores have receeded a fair bit hey.
    p.s. thanx for answering the ballet Q. :)

  3. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Let's not talk about Easter bellies Mardi ...!
    :) Moi
    P.S. WAAAY to disorganised to do the where you live thing ... after next weekend!