.... do you ever wonder

22 March 2008

.....just what it looks like in other parts of the country?
I chat online every day..... read blogs... and consider you all my friends....and yet....Ive never even been to a lot of the places you live.... and so.... I use my imagination....and I just imagine what its like. Then as I read your blog entries....and descriptions of your lives ...I build on this picture.... and it begins to become real.....I often wonder just how far from the truth I am...

So.....this morning....while on my quest to take more photos....I decided to take a few where I live... so this is our little town.... tucked in the Riverland region.... not far from the River Murray...but nestled on the bank of Lake Bonney. This photo was from the top of the main street.... looking toward the lake in the background.
I then took a couple of shots on the shore of the lake.... although we are still in the midst of this terrible drought.... Lake Bonney is still beautiful... not long ago it was lapping the lawned edges...but now has receded enough to reveal a lovely sandy beach.......its also lovely to see that it has still drawn lots of tourists over this Easter break....and this morning I watched boats...cyclists...walkers and families all enjoying the sunshine and fresh air along its edge....
...so thats my little tourist spiel about where we live.... and Id love to hear a little about your place too..... so if you get a chance ...take some photos... and let me know..Id LOVE to hear about your little spot in the world too.


I got the camera out yesterday too....(its been my close companion this weekend)
.... I decided to have a hat photo shoot!
I roped in Briony to act as the photographer.... thankyou babe.
So heres a before shot.... just couldn't stop the light bouncing of that shiny dome...lol

... this next ones a a vast improvement.... my 'sunflower head' beanie.
Its so hard to accept photos of myself....I just hate them... but I think there is a value to sharing them...and Ill enjoy the record of this as I look back in the future...well at least I hope I will....if nothing else Ill have a chuckle.... and then the Photographer decided she wanted to wear the hat....and this is where I nearly spit the dummy and stomped off....why did it have to look so much better on her...lol Im sure she could tie underwear on her head and make it look good. Seriously though....we had a fun time taking the shots...and I got some beautiful shots of my babe too....
...and a shot of Mitch too.... never serious....more frustrating than anything else of earth!!
I'm trying to get the nice portrait shot.....he's holding up a leaf saying 'Look Mum...I found a banana" ... in the end... HE got what HE wanted....I sighed in frustration and gave up... and he smirked to himself and walked off. 'Mission to foil Mums photo attempt' - Completed successfully!!
Happy Easter..... x


  1. Hello Sunflower Head! That is one cute tea-cosy on your head. So cute. And seriously, it looks just as good on both of you. That is a REALLY cute photo of you. :)

    I love your idea of the photos. I will attempt that myself. Well, I'm sure you've seen the Canberra "attractions" already but I'll try to show you more of the Canberra I live in. Great idea.

  2. I love the photos - thank you for sharing them
    Love Donna :-)

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I love the idea of sharing where we live so I'll be up for that one too...

    Those photos are gorgeous!

  4. Mardi those photos of both you and Briony are beautiful! I'd love to take on your idea of showing our home town off so watch my blog for photos very soon!

    Kim xx

  5. Mardi,The hats look great on both of you honest ingian.Lake bonney looks great.

    You already know where i live an visited Adelaide plenty of times so you really don't need to evem imagine.But that is a great idea.take care Kerryxx

  6. Anonymous5:46 pm

    yep- youre all looking gorgeous :)

    great idea with the photos around your area- might take the camera for a walk during teh week

  7. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Hi Miss Mardi :0)
    Love seeing your gorgeous self up there on my monitor :D
    We {all of us} need to be a bit less camera shy I think ;) I love that crocheted yellow beanie! It really brightens up your face & I love the comment about Brionny tying underwear to her head PMSL! Do you think she'd go for that??! hahaha!
    Love the phot of Mitch and his banana too. What a character :)
    Take care

  8. Mardi, you look GORGEOUS as usual!!
    Where did you get the hat from - I love it:))
    Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Hugs - Helenxxxxxxx

  9. I actually love the sunflower head hat! Suits you.
    I agree - Briony would look good in anything...as long as the undies are clean...:D
    Look at little old Barmera - we live in the big smoke don't we.
    I think you have the place I live in covered! ;)
    Hope your having a fab weekend.
    Loved our catch up the other day...I always leave you with a BIG smile on my face...xx

  10. Anonymous10:23 am

    Yes I often wonder what other peoples homes and suburbs look like. A fantastic idea to include some photos of your neighbourhood on your blog to show to us, thanks a lot. It looks like a very calm and relaxed area of the country.

    I'm going to go outside today and take a few photos of my suburb while the rain holds off. I think it's important for us all to appreciate where we live, thanks for the inspiration Mardi.

    I love the photos of you with and without your yellow hat on. Your beautiful Mardi inside and out. That hat sure is cute.

    Have a great week end and take good care of yourself. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  11. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Yes I do wonder ... but I already had a picture in my head of Barmera from visits ... I've loved seeing these though too and noticing changes ... I've loved seeing photos of your home in the past. I will take some of around here too.
    Great portraits BTW! You look good bald!!! I like the hat too. It looks great on both you and Briony! I think it's good to take photos of yourself.
    Happy Easter to you too!
    Moi x

  12. You and Briony both look Gorgeous Mari, not everone can do yellow, you make it work.

    I too love the idea of the photos of where we live, It will be my project for this week....thanks for the great idea and thanks for sharing Barmera with us....
    Cherie xx

  13. Love the pics Mardi. Yeap even the sunflower head ones. You both look very cute.

    I'll try and get out and about and take some pics of your twon too, not that there is anything special out here in little old kwinana.

  14. Lol about Mitch and his 'banana'! Kids can be so frustrating when you're trying to get a good pic!

    Great idea to share pics of where we live! Although I think just about everyone has seen most of the Gold Coast! lol Thank for sharing your pics - Barmera looks like a beautiful place.

    Love your sunflower beanie - such a bright, happy colour and it looks great on you!

    Hope you've had a lovely Easter!
    Sheree xx

  15. Anonymous5:02 pm

    There are not many people in this world that can pull off a yellow sunflower hat - Mardi, you and Briony are clearly from the select few who can!

    Wonderful idea about showing where you live, I often wonder what our little 'rooms' look like where we sit and scrap and chat too.

    Happy Easter Mardi.