4 March 2008

...Cold sores!!! I hate them!!! ...and Ive now got them up both sides of my nose....they are sore...and I'm guessing Ill look really lovely in a day or so....

Ok...what else is happening in our household..... it just seems frantically busy at the moment but I'm sure thats just life in general these days....everyone lives and operates at a crazy pace.

Brent has had his first two shifts at GAME ....and its perfect for him.....he loves it. Unfortunately he is only Casual .... so his hours aren't huge....but it is work...and he is keen to impress and make himself indispensable. I have to laugh at the size shirt they gave him.....its an XL by the time he tucks it in (as required)....he looks like a mushroom.

This guy on the other hand is getting lots of hours...... he worked 3 nights after both Saturday and Sunday last week.... he moans about it occasionally but the minute the phone....he doesn't hesitate.... he jumps at the chance...

The grapes have been picked for another year..... the Harvester roared through in the middle of the night...I think it was Friday.....anyway...I cant help feeling a little sad that we wont be living here next that was our last. Briony has been training for Sports day at school....everything has been sore.... we've had sore legs...sore stomach muscles....sore arms....and then this morning she informs me she doesn't even want to go....she hates sports day apparently.

Brent and Alex ...Brent an Alex..... what can I say....just as I'm trying to downsize things.... they arrive home with a fish tank and an ugly little black fish..... which now has pride of place in my kitchen....

The concrete looks great in the new shed.....I don't think I'm quite as excited as Ian.....but I will be wonderful to be able to move some things over there.
I took this photo on the weekend..... while they were waiting for the concrete to dry they played cricket with a foam golf ball and a piece of wood..... it entertained them for ages.
Well..... Im waffling on I better go an pretty myself up for my TV interview this morning..... I cant remember if I shared this layout or not.... but it was a layout I did from Nics sketch at the Scrapboxx a little while ago.....


  1. Oh mardi, you poor thing, you really dont need cold sores at the poor thing, I hope they clear up soon.

    Glad everyone else is well and frantically busy.

    Great layout as always.

    Take care and stay strong
    Cherie xx

  2. Damn cold sores - they are nasty aren't they! I hope they bugger off quickly. :)
    Great to hear that Brent starts work and that Mitch is getting a few hours. He has really come so far since the 'lost application' days. It's fab!
    Your house is looking fabulous Mardi - won't be long now.
    I'll be watching your TV apperance super

  3. Cold sores grrr. With all that's been going on in your life lately, I'm not at all surprised that they've chosen now to appear. Rotten things. I'm feeling for you. Does the chemo affect the virus? I'm thinking if you get a bit immunosuppressed? Can they give you tablets that you can take every day to try and prevent them if they're going to get annoying?

    Love the photos of the house. I can relate to your mixed feelings about moving. Even now, six months after our move, I still have nostalgic twinges for our old neighbourhood.

    Take care my friend.

  4. It's all busy, busy, busy at your place with everyone doing their thing! It's great that the boys are out there enjoying their jobs. Hope Briony does well at her sports day...even if she doesn't want to go!

    The house is looking fantastic! I'm sure Ian is super excited about his shed - it's a guy thing! LOL!

    Hope those cold sores disappear fast! They're the most annoying things.... How did your TV interview go?

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Will email ... x Moi

  6. Mardi i hope those cold sores dissapear as quickly as they came.Great that you are getting closer to moving too how exciting.I hope the tv interview went well.Take care Kerry

  7. Hi Mardi,
    Wow you have lots going on, glad to hear you are keeping well, apart from the cold sores. Love all your latest layouts, you never cease to amaze me how awesome your layouts are. Love your short hair style too. Glad it is passing the tug test. LOL. Keep on keeping on, your house looks great too btw.
    Take care Trace.