TV interview....

5 March 2008

..went really well. It makes me laugh though..... for all the talking that I felt like I did.....they only aired a tiny little piece...just a few sentences.... the rest was all cut.
Four of us took part in the interview....John spoke really well about why we were doing it...and how to donate.....Kathy and Michael provided the back up support in the background....and I spoke about how I feel about it..... I think the clincher that had my entire family rolling on the lounge room floor was when the voice over said "...and the two females on the team will be shaving their soft and silken locks" .... how corny it that!!


  1. BUGGER...I missed it! I was attending to the kids when I remembered about it. I went running into the lounge room but the sport was on. :(
    Oh well...can I still get that autograph?

  2. Lov'n the lo's.
    So good to hear ur feeling well again. & ur hair is surving the TUG test. U look really well in the photo's.
    We have a T.V. STAR!!!
    LOL Belinda....I'm 2nd in line for the autograph.

  3. LOL! That is pretty funny! Wish I could've seen it...

    Sheree xx

  4. Glad to see that your interview went well Mardi.I will have to get your aoutgraph from B.take care Kerry xx