Im addicted....

28 March 2008 crochet!!My first project...the green a smidge too I'm mid way through crocheting green hat #2.......... and this morning I finished brown hat # 1 ...reluctantly modeled by Alex on her way to work... I think the little crochet flower is cute..... even though Brent insisted it looked 'gay'.
Ahhh....who would have thought Id ever crochet again.... another 'up-side' to hair loss.

Well.... today has been a busy one.... it began when my washing machine broke....its flashing an error code....that requires a service man....grrrrrrr
So...the service man is coming.....probably tomorrow.....and my laundry had become a real dumping I decided to clean and sort it today.....we have to do it for the move it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I filled the wheelie bin with garbage.... put out miles of stuff for goodwill....and packed everything keepable in boxes....I feel so good tonight knowing its done.

I also woke this morning with a smidge of a sore throat....and mouth ulcers (painful little buggers they are) I'm praying Ill recover quickly... as next week is Chemo 3.

The house is almost finished...... the concrete paths and driveway are all poured. The interior fittings are all finished. The only things left to be done are....the rainwater tank plumbed....the roller doors on....and a clean.
We have booked the carpet to be laid on the 9th April...which is the earliest they can do it....but it also works well with us....seeing as Ill be unwell for a few days from the 3rd.... and wont feel like moving then anyway.

Ok...thats it from me.. my green wool and crochet hook are calling...
Have a wonderful weekend... Mardi x


  1. ok I am off to spotlight tomorrow!!! love it!! a matching scarf would be nice too!!!
    (long time lurker)

  2. Oooh! These look fabbo, Mardi! And that little brown flower looks good enough to stick on a layout!!! :D
    Hope you kick the cold in the butt before it takes hold.
    Your house sounds like it's in the home stretch. Woohoo.

  3. OMG...I LOVE the hats - and I actually love the 'gay' flower...;)
    I'm picturing those flowers with a funky button in the middle attached to some wire for a stem and put into a funky vase as a talking point in your new house. :)
    OMG...I cannot believe that it's nearly moving time. Time has gone so fast. I am so excited for you.

    PS: I have taken some pics of Barmera...I have now realised how boring our little old town
    I will pot them up sometime this weekend.

  4. Well the flower probably WOULD look gay on Brent, but it's not meant for boys! I love it and can't imagine the hat without it.

    WOW - the countdown to moving in is so low now! You'll be down to single digits soon!!!

  5. Your hats look fantastic!! And I love the 'gay' flower too... wish I could make them!!! Maybe I'll have to go out and find a Learn To Crochet book and get busy.... hmmmmm....

    How exciting that your house is so close to completion!! Not long now!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Sheree xx