... what a bummer...

29 March 2008

....my washing machine is broken....and the kids all need work clothes....so guess who is about to HAND wash a load of washing.... that would be me!!

...and did it have to break down AFTER it soaked all the clothes in the bowl first.....so not only do I have a mountain of dirty clothes...... about 7kg of them are saturated and dirty as well.

I'm such a domesticated sook.... I need my appliances.....


  1. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Poor thing!
    I love your crocheted hats. And *I* think the little flowers are SOOOOO cool!!! Well done.

  2. Oh, Mardi - I ADORE your crocheted hat!!!
    I LOVE the flower:)) I wish I could make one like yours.... add that on my list of things to learn!!
    I am so excited for you - you'll be in your house in no time!!! Sorry to hear about the hiccup of the washing machine - perfect timing:((

    Take care - Helenxxxx

  3. OH NO!!! I know exactly what you're going through... my washine machine just got fixed yesterday!! I haven't had mine working for 2 weeks and it's been torture!! Guess what I'm doing tonight... ironing all the washing that I've been catching up on...

    Hope you get your fixed asap!
    Sheree xx

  4. Hi there Mardi - good to know you are doing okay - lots of love

  5. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hey Mardi,

    Lovin' the hats! Are there no end to your crafty talents LOL, they are gorgeous.

    Did you get my email about Tuesday? I hope we can catch up, even if it is only for a little while. It will be great to break our trip in 1/2.

    Take care of yourself

    Allie x

  6. Hey Mardi, I like the hat's as well I can see these little crochet flowers popping up on ur lo's soon. Tell Alex thanx for the modelling...she did them justice.
    Buggar about the W.machine, I'd be totally lost without all the mod.con's.
    UR house is sooo close now.
    Hope those nasties nick off in time for #3.
    Take care chickie ;)

  7. I tried calling you at home today to tell you to come around and use mine...but you weren't home...:(
    If you need my machine tomorrow - let me know I will be home! ;)
    PS: exciting pics of home on my blog...lol!

  8. Oh Mardi, I hope you get it fixed REAL SOON...

    I love the crocheted hat and the flowers are too cute, you are so clever.

    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous1:45 pm

    OMG NoooOOOooo!!! Not the washing machine...boohoo hooo....:(
    See I'm a domestic sook too LOL!!
    I'd be standing over my machine reading it it's last rights before I started kicking it. Hand washing is HARD work {makes you appreciate Nanna a bit more hey LOL}
    I hope its fixable. Just what you need before moving *sigh*
    Good luck

  10. ohh what a pain about the washing machine! scrapper, quilter and crochet extraordinare. what next miss mardi?

  11. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Hi Mardi....what a bugger about your washing machine....ours broke down once...full of water...called in the repair man...2 mins later her pulled out a 5c piece! How embarrassing...So when it did it again just recently...I made hubby check it out...and YEP...another 5c!!! Hope it gets fixed soon...
    Love your crocheted hats..they look Groovy. Cheers, Lisa :o)