Its all good...

21 March 2008 sense of humour has returned.....a sure sign I'm feeling better.
One week to the day...same as last round... the energy and joy returns....and I'm left feeling bad that I was so miserable and such a killjoy to be around.

...another weird thing Ive noticed.... anything I eat during that week when I feel ill... that makes me sick....has now become almost repulsive to me.... hot cross buns...porridge... turn my stomach even now.... I wonder if Ill ever eat them again? ...or will I... over the next months....slowly get a huge collection of foods I no longer eat?.... I wonder? Id love to hear what others have experienced.

I'm getting used to the hat fact ....I forget I don't have hair a lot of the time....until I get a glimpse in a mirror or a shop window..and then I almost scare myself.
Ive now become the butt of a lot of hat jokes.... such jokers my family...
"toot toot...train coming into the station" ...thats what I get with the navy and white stripe cap... "Where's that wascally wabbit"... thats the black cap.....
"Come on sunflower head" ...thats the yellow beanie...
Not to mention that none of them can leave it alone....they have this attraction to rubbing it... and they rub hard!Quick dot point catch up here...
*The new looking so fabulous.....its so close....the Electrician has almost finished....the Plumber is not far off finished.... only a few paint touch ups... some concrete paths...and the roller doors to go....its now less than two weeks until we move in....

*Easter is going to be quiet this year... I think each of us are working at some stage throughout the weekend.... so its pretty much business as usual here.

*I need to get my camera out..I wanted to share photos this morning....but realised I haven't taken any for ages...

*so....I'm sharing this layout of my Nephew Charlie instead.... Charlie 'bug catcher extraordinarie' ... we had such a great time when they came to visit a few weeks ago...

...anyway....have a wonderful Easter.... hope it is safe...happy.... and covered in chocolate.


  1. Good to hear ur feeling much betta...
    I felt that way when Sick with Jorja. & only just eating those things again.....not sure about ur situation though.
    Beaut. lo....yeh it really is isn't it.
    Have a safe & well easter

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling better.the layouts look great too have a great easter.It's a shame that you working Monday as i would ahve loved to meet you maybe next time.take care Kerry xx

  3. Morning Mardi,

    Your layouts are so bright and fabulous...through all of this you have retained both your sense of humour and your ability to keep things around you positive and bright :-)

    I am so pleased to hear you are feeling better too...and I'm sorry that the only contact we have had lately has been through your blog comments...I think of you often though :-)

    Megan xx

  4. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Great to see you looking well Mardi, I have no experience with food and what you are going through, but I am sure you will like all that again. Not a nice way to lose weight is it. Love your LO's and you will have to give me your new addy when you move - how exciting!! Love Court :)

  5. More gorgeous, bright, fun layouts Mardi! Love 'em!
    LOL at those hat jokes!Your family has a great sense of humour - as do you and it's wonderful to see!
    How exciting that your house is so close to being finished!! Lucky you!
    Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Sheree xx

  6. so pleased you are feeling better - I will give you a call for Easter,
    Love from QLD

  7. Anonymous4:57 pm

    love those layouts Mardi :)

    i kind of understand the food thing- i had a mango once which was followed by a 48hr bout of gastro- and havent touched mangoes since- in fact i can hardly look at one

    good to hear youre feeling better too!!

  8. I love your family's sense of humour. And I love your bright funky layouts!

  9. Anonymous7:51 am

    Hi Mard, Glad your feeling better.
    Can't believe you're nearly ready to move into your new home, how exciting. That would have to boost your spirits and a welcome distraction. Love your layouts.
    Have a great Easter, love Kerry

  10. Anonymous6:34 pm

    MmmmmMMMmmMmmMMmm Chocolate :D

    Hi Mardi,
    I've heard mention before that what made you sick to eat while having chemo would also make you feel sick once your chemo was finished. Its quite common :(
    So I suggest you don't eat your favourite foods in that week following...just in case you can't eat it again. Unless of course that's what you want LOL!!
    Glad to see your wicked sense of humour is healthy ;)
    Love the LO's as always miss Mardi! and how exciting now, with 2 weeks left on your home :D Makes me jiggle in my seat with excitement for you :D
    Take care