10 March 2008

...SO MUCH.....for all the wonderful support for our 'Worlds greatest shave' .... at this stage between the two foundations I have raised around $750.00 ...with more pledged....that alone is is a fabulous contribution...... but when you think that there are now around 12 of us shaving our heads on Tuesday night..... and each of these has collected their own sponsorship.... you can see that this is a wonderful way to raise funds and make a difference...
I know that times are aren't easy....and we are all having to pull in our belts with the cost of living at the moment....so I don't take these donations lightly..... thankyou!!

and in other news........nothing has changed....alls good.
We have had a lovely weekend....a visit from Frank , Leanne, Reegan and Lucy on Saturday.... which was just wonderful.....it had been far too long....and we must make sure we catch up much sooner in the future.....

.....yesterday was a catch up day....Ian moved some things to his new shed....I swept out the new house....( it all looks lovely and sparkly now).... and I also finished off some @home projects....

Today....Ian is at work...and I'm time wasting.... but about to begin sorting and packing some more things around the house.

My hair is starting to drop..... so I'm praying it will hang in there until tomorrow night....

My memory card died in my camera.....so I'm not happy Jan!!


  1. Hello gorgeous,

    I have missed out on so much - I need to be more regular with my blog visits, and with emails.

    That is a fabulous amount of money that has been raised!! Well done!

    And I'm pleased to read you had a great weekend Mardi. Spending time with friends always makes for a wonderful weekend :-)

    Megan xx

  2. WOW that's a fantastic amount of $$ u & work mates have raised.
    Great to hear u had a fab weekend.
    I do hope ur hair lasts for the shave. Good luck
    BUGGAR @ the memory card. U'll have to get another one before Tues. night.

  3. Thats a great amount of money raised - for such a great cause.
    Oh no - not the memory card!
    I have two here that you could use until you get a new one. I don't use them anymore as I don't use my old camera now. Let me know if you would like to and I can drop them off.

  4. That's a fantastic amount of money you've all raised in such a small amount of time...what a great effort! Best of luck with the shave tomorrow night!! I'm sure you'll all have so much fun with it! Hope you get some pics!

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Fablous fund raising Mardi :0) Well done.
    Sorry to hear that you have cold sores :0( I get them too {haven't had any for years! touch wood} so I know how they make you feel :( I hope your blood count picks up a bit...I am all prepared to sit with you on Thursday...you'll have to let me know how you are going and if you'll be down or not.
    Love the paintings that the girls did :D they are very cute *laugh* and I can imagine that they look fabbo on your walls. The house is looking fabulous and it looks like you have neighbours popping up there too!
    Good luck tomorrow night ;)
    much love