Well I know why...

5 March 2008

... I have cold sores!!
My white cell count is in my boots.... and my Dr isn't even sure it will rise enough for me to have my next round of Chemo on time.... so I'm peeved.... I FEEL so well.... and yet I'm susceptible to infection....and I even have to adapt work to suit....grrr.
...oh well....another day....another hiccup.

Now onto other much more exciting things....

The house is looking great....our vanity went in today....the tiler has laid almost all the main floor tiles ...the painter is back finishing the bathrooms.....the front door went on..... the carpet was measured.....the roller doors were measured.... ahh...its so wonderful watching it evolve.... and I love it so much.

Our 'shave for a cause' is growing in momentum.....we have had such wonderful support.... a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored and donated in support.....its so appreciated..... and I know personally I'm at around the $300.00 mark...so multiply that by 10 ...for each other member of the team.....and very quickly we can see that our shave off will be very worthwhile.
Ohh...and I passed the tug test again ... so thats an added bonus

Now.... I wanted to share these gorgeous canvases that Briony and Alex painted on the weekend....I think they are so adorable....and they will look fabulous on the white walls in our new home.... I know I'm biased...but I think they are very clever girls!


  1. Sorry to hear that your count is down.Thats great that your house is moving along so well,great pics that the kids have done too.take care Kerry

  2. Mardi, sorry to hear about your blood count being so low. I know exactly how you feel. Mine was meant to be between 2 and 8 and it was 0.3 lol. I felt pretty healthy though. Mine rose just in time for my next chemo. After that I have the injection the day after each chemo to boost your white blood cells. Hope the sores go soon. I got thrush everytime and coldsores every few times.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that your white cells are down. I hope they bounce back up.

    Lovin' those canvases!! You should put B&A to work and open an Etsy shop :)

  4. Great that you are feeling well...hope the white cells pick up soon for you!

    The canvases are gorgeous - talented girls!

    Looks like it wont be too long till your into the new house...I bet you cant wait.

    Nic xxx

  5. It's fab your feeling so well...bugger about the white blood cells.
    Love the canvases - very funky!

  6. Anonymous12:18 pm

    So glad the interview went well, it's a pity they cut so much out of it though.

    I hope the cold sores vanish ASAP and your white cell count rises to a healthier level very soon. What a pain especially since your feeling well at the moment.

    Good to read that the boys are working hard. It's great experience for them and I'm sure they love having some $$$$ too.

    Poor Briony with her aches and pains. I hope she recovers soon and starts getting more enjoyment from sports.

    So glad things are going well with your new house. It all sounds very exciting with lots of things being done to it lately.

    Fantastic effort at raising so much money for the Worlds Greatest Shave project. Your fantastic!

    Have a great day and thanks for keeping us up to date with all your news. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  7. What a bummer about you cell count being so low... I'm so glad to hear you're feeling well though! Let's hope the count is on the way up sometime soon.
    Your house is coming along beautifully! It must be so exciting watching it all come together. Enjoy!
    The girls have done an awesome job on the canvases! They look fantastic!
    Sounds like the fundraising is off to a flying start! Way to go!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Sheree xx

  8. Common cells - back to work! You didn't have to share your cold sores though - mine is on my chin of all places.
    Love you kids pictures - they will look great in your new place.
    Take care

  9. Buggar about the cell count. & the cold sores...nasty bugger's they r.
    Hope they lift defore the next round. :)
    Love the canvases....they will look fantab. in the house....which is getting so close now. I bet ur just itching to get in there.

  10. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Glad to read your feeling better Mardi and hoping the cell count picks up for you quickly.
    Great news to hear the house is moving along nice and quickly, cannot wait to see the finished result!!
    And the girls did a gorgeous job with the canvas' - they'll look fantastic hanging on the wall.

    Julie xx