Dose #3 - tick

5 April 2008

....done and dusted!
Thanks this trip to my work mate Kathy....who took me down...fortunately although my white cell count was neutrophils were high enough to allow the dose to continue.
I'm now feeling very typical of week one post chemo.....tired... a little sick...and unable to sleep.... this time though Ive taken a few days off form work....I just cant push myself like I did last round... and I think an extra couple of recovery days will do me good.

Great news on the house will be officially signed over to us tomorrow... the cleaners have been....the roller doors are looked absolutely beautiful...and we cant wait. It has worked in so well....carpet layers arrive early next week...and we plan to move in the following weekend... just in time for me to have my energy levels peaking again.

I also must thank Kathie for the tip on how to delete the spam comments Ive been getting.... for those of you who didn't read Kathie's solution.... make sure you are signed in....then when you view the comments a little trash can appears alongside each comment....just click it and it deletes it away.

I also want to thank Leanne Stametellos.... for some wonderful pics of where she lives in looks so chic....and classy... and as Leanne followed this challenge from Belinda's blog.... and as she doesn't have a blog so to speak (although she has a gorgeous scrapbook resume)....she has shared them on Belinda's please check them out..

..and just finally....the Scrapboxx newsletter is I can share my projects.... first of all this mini album...with a cute little clock face...which I have filled with homes we have lived in over the years....and still need to add more too....I think we are at 14 different homes so far.... quite a few rentals...and three that we have owned....or almost

...this next project was a shop canvas for Maria..... all of the DT created one using a photo of Maria's....and I was so pleased to be able to scrap this gorgeous shot of little Issy....she is such a doll...and the story Maria provided me behind the photo was just beautiful too....I hope it looks nice on the wall in I certainly loved creating it.
...and last but not Easter layout....I loved combining this older photo of Briony with a recent one.... and it was great to see you eat a bit nicer these days too babe.
Well thats it form brain is barely functioning....and if this reads as goobldy gook....I really couldn't care less...
Have a super weekend..... xx

Oh...and how could I forget.....I'm such a clutz......there is a very special birthday today....
This gorgeous girl.....Happy Birthday Yvette....and thanks for your friendship.... Mardi xx


  1. I'm so glad you were able to go ahead with the chemo. Yay for neutrophils! (Yes, I still remember learning all about them in immunology lectures at uni :) )

    It's such a shame that you're always down on a Thursday when I work :( Working really gets in the way of my social activities!

    Woohoo. How exciting about the house. Wow! I must try to get out and take some photos around our house for your challenge too. On the list for today!

  2. Thank you for my birthday wishes! You are a sweetheart!

    I'm SO glad you've taken some time of work. I really think you need it! Especially with feeling sick and not sleeping. You'll recover a lot quicker I'm sure!

    Push in that Easter egg Briony! lol.

  3. That's great news that u could still go ahead with #3. I think u've made a wise decision to take a few extra days.
    Not long now....(house)
    Love the funky clock album.
    Thanx for the "delete comment" = how to....

  4. Yay for you getting #3 over and done with! I'm so glad you've taken some time off work too...I'm sure it'll do you the world of good.

    I can't wait to see pics of your finished house! How thrilling for you! You'll be moved in there and loving your new space in no time now!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!:)

    Sheree xx

  5. Hi Mardi,
    Gorgeous work as usual and another one bites the dust hey, must feel good to get another one out the way. Hope it isnt too long before you start feeling the UP feeling again and YAY for your house, how amazing will you feel when you have that first night there. AAAHHH make sure you do the toyota ad. Oh what a feelin. LOL. Take care and hugs, Trace. xx

  6. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    So glad to read that you could go ahead with your Chemo. I have no idea what neutrophils are though LOL but glad they were up :P
    I totally love what you have done for this months BOXX newsletter. Simply gorgeous again ;)
    I'm feeling really excited for you with your house being ready to move into :D Will hubby carry you over the threshold?? :P Just being cheeky.
    Love the easter LO you did and such a great idea to put an old and a new photo.
    Gorgeous LO of Yvette too :) TFS
    much love

  7. Anonymous3:55 pm


  8. Good to hear you have breezed through round #3 Mardi, stay strong! :)

    And I cant wait to see some pics of your dream home, how exciting for you :)

  9. Hi Mardi! HUGE congrats on the house 0 wooohooo - that is exciting! So happy your neutrophils are up (whatever the heck they are lol!). This will all be a memory soon - hard to imagine eh?

  10. love the album....
    good luck -all about the mini album
    my blog - Crazy bout mini albums :)