...when life sends us lemons....

2 April 2008

.....make lemonade!

That seems to sum up my life at the moment... sometimes it takes time...but there is always a positive in every situation if you think about it long enough.
There are however a few things....that Im still thinking on....

like poor Mitch...or silly Mitch.... who backed into a car at work the other evening....it belonged to another employee who had parked in an unusual spot.... however he wasn't paying attention!
.... and although he didn't damage his car....he created himself a $700.00 bill to repair hers... it makes me sad to think how long he is going to have to work to pay this off.

like the weather today.....it literally blew all day.....and the dust was incredible... it has seeped inside through every crack.... and our new house is full of it too..... not really what I was wanting the day before my chemo....I hate the thought of cleaning it all....

I did try to take a photo....but a camera just doesn't do it justice... like the spam comment I had on my last blog post....not sure how to delete it.

like my bigpond internet returning emails this morning....not allowing me to send to certain addresses.....then the 30 minutes on the phone to tech support....who advised me to send them an email detailing the problem...only to find I couldn't send emails to them either.... grr

Then of course there are lemonade moments....
Like banking the 'Worlds greatest Shave" money..... off the top of my head...around $1300.00 to the Leukaemia Foundation......and around $900.00 to the Breast Cancer Foundation.....I'm so thankful for all the support... the sponsorship... and online donations.... Thankyou.

like our new home....almost finished... and the wonderful excited feeling I get whenever I day dream about finally moving in....I have a picture in my head of exactly how it will look....I just hope it all fits as well as I'm imagining.

Well....thats enough lemons and lemonade tonight....Im off for chemo tomorrow....dreading it with every bone in my body.....but also just wanting it done and ticked off the list.
I have two wishes....one ...that my blood tests are good enough for it to proceed...and two....that the sore throat I have tonight disappears overnight...

See you all when the smile returns to my face.... Mardi x


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Good luck for tommorrow, JLR.

  2. Thinking of you for tomorrow. I'll be holding you in my thoughts.

    And as for deleting comments - when you're logged it, go to the comment and you'll see a little trash can; just click on that and the comment will disappear.

  3. Wasn't yesterday's dust storm a shocker! I could actually write in the pile of dust that was under my front door on the tiles...yuck!
    I uploaded a few photos yesterday morning of the yucky day. You can really see our trees flapping in the wind.
    Poor Mitch....oops!
    Thinking of you today Mardi...MWAH! xxx

  4. Hope everything goes well for you today Mardi. Poor Mitch..i bet hes annoyed.
    lucy xoxo

  5. Mardi thinking of you and hoping you feel well soon.
    Yes the dust was gross.....ive been cleaning all morning:)

    Your things will fit in your new house just great MArdi, just you wait an see:)

  6. Thinking of you today Mardi & hoping your smiling face while be back real soon to brighten all our days!!
    Even though these bad lemon days seems to really suck at times without them we wouldn't be able to taste the true sweetness of the good ones!! Hope that kinda makes sense.

    Take care
    Kylie x

  7. Thinking of you today. *hugs*

  8. Thinking of you today Mardi and hoping this lot of chemo doesn't make you feel quite as bad as last time...at least it'll be another one ticked off the list.

    Hope that beautiful smile returns asap!

    Sheree xx

  9. Anonymous3:18 pm

    xxx Moi

  10. Ohhh no poor Mitch. That's an expensive lesson.
    Love the new banner! Lucky duck!
    Hope all went well & u could continue with #3. IYKWIM. Hope the SMILE is back soon.
    Hey with the idiot in ur last post how did u delete the comment?
    -cause the idiot left it on mine.

  11. thinking of you mardi x

  12. Little miss stickybeak here tried to see your spam comment but apparently you've figured out how to delete it already, lol.

    Poor Mitch. :( I hate flushing money down the toilet like that. Poor guy...

    I'll be thinking of you again tomorrow. xx

  13. MArdi i hope that all went wekk for you today .Poor Mitch thats not a good lesson to learn.take care Kerry xx

  14. Good luck for tomorrow Missy.

  15. thinking of you today Mardi as you get to check off one more treatment off that list.
    I love your lemonade attitude too:)
    And sorry to hear about Mitch's car bingle :(
    PS 'bingle'? thats a weird word really LOL

  16. Hope that the chemo went well. Thinking of you sweet....you really are such an inspiring person Mardi, you have the most amazing attitude. Tatum xx

  17. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Hi Mardi :)
    I hope your Chemo today went ok?
    I know what you mean about the wind! When I walked outside at work I was nearly blown down the driveway! Which isn't good considering the amount of semi's that go down there LOL!
    Poor Mitch and his accident :( Bummer moment hey *sigh*

    Good luck moving in!! WOOHOOOOO