I had a wonderful weekend...

5 May 2008

...one of those lazy...odd job kind of weekends.... and since moving in....there is no shortage of odd jobs. Poor Ian had a huge list of things he wanted to get done.....but my jobs seemed to take up most of his time...and we didn't get much crossed off his list. I am thrilled to now have my tumble dryer on the wall....and some rails up in the laundry.

I also managed to scrap some layouts in my new room... it felt good to scrap... and I'm keen to get into some more....had hoped to scrap today after I cleaned the house.....but I'm off to do a night shift at short notice.....so it will have to wait.

Brent and Alex came in for tea last night.....I was so excited to see them...its ridiculous....they used to live here....and have only been gone a week or so....and I'm sooky and missing them.
Loved how this layout turned out.... and love this pic of them in front of their new home....

...and this layout was my 'can I actually scrap anymore' layout.... it was also #1 in a 'use your stash challenge' at the Boxx.... these challenges are a great way to get some motivation happening.
...and finally this one...I just had to document these things.... Mr 17 drives me nuts at times...Have a great week.... Mardi x


  1. I am glad you had a beaut weekend, we had a long weekend for Labour Day today and I had planned to give you a call but the time just went and I see you are off to work - I will give you a call next weekend - it must be fantastic to be all moved in and getting things how you want them - can't wait to get down- only about 8 weeks to go - I can understand how much you are missing Brent and Alex - it is very exciting for them, Lots of Love Donna and family

  2. Glad to hear you are loving your new scrap room....love the layouts Mardi....the one of Alex and Brent is just BEAUTIFUL.

    Cherie xx

  3. You scrapping machine! They're all fantastic. Especially love the one of B&A and their new place.

  4. It must feel fantastic to be all settled into your new scraproom... and just look at those layouts! Love 'em!!

    Sheree xx

  5. Glad you have had a good week Mardi. So love these pages too.

  6. hi mardi! oh yay some scrapping to share with us. LOVE the first home lo SO SO SO much. just gorgeous. so simple and all that negative space, not really sure how you do that so well. sigh. so inspiring. glad you are enjoying your new home too. take care.

  7. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Love your LO's Mardi and it must be a magical feeling to sit in your scrap room and scrap...I'm very jealous LOL!!
    Mr 17 driving you nuts sometimes. I know just how you feel and can sympathise, believe me ;)
    Take care Mardi

  8. Hey Mardi.
    I've just got home and come for an update.
    Sounds like a fun weekend.
    Great to hear that you got some scrapping done in that wonderful new room of yours.