...its not too late....

30 April 2008

...to join in the fun!
Kim has jam packed another workshop with amazing layouts and gifts.... check it out ((here)) ...Ive been in 'plod along mode'....and its been a perfect way to keep creative... lots of very achievable little projects.... anyway..... Ill let you see for yourself...
...and today...
I'm over feeling yuck.... it just persists... and makes me impatient....
I'm missing Brent and Alex.....I am so happy for them and their life together... but ...I want them to come home....and have to resist the urge to phone them every hour of the day....lol
I'm hating this cold weather....its come with a vengeance.... without warning....and I HATE it.
I'm loving Big Brother... and seriously hoping Granny Terri comes back in on Sunday.... she added spice.
I'm out of things to blog about now.....but thought Id share this golden oldie photo that I found as I was searching through old ones today..... my kids...back in 1994....


  1. I'm watching BB too Mardi! (Had to have something to watch now that SYTYCD is finished! LOL!) I'm hoping Terri comes back too...she just wasn't in the house long enough.
    I'm sure you're missing Brent and Alex heaps since you're so used to having them around.. but they're never too far away!

    Love the old pic. I love stumbling across pics that have been long forgotten! Brings back lot of fond memories...

    Hope you're feeling great soon!
    Thinking of you...
    Sheree xx

  2. OMG - how did I miss the part in the alst post about Alex and Brent?? *insert shocked face here* haha.
    I remember seeing the pic - but I must have been in a daze that day...oops!
    How exciting for them. I'm sure they will be hanging around for food all the time! lol
    OMG - BB...what can i say apart from..."MY VOICEEEEEEEEEE" haha...don't you just want to say that everytime you see him...pmsl. Ok - maybe it's just me!
    I want Terry to come back too...and Nobbie's nuts to go...hehe.
    Enjoy your weekend Mardi...I'll stop typing now or you may get bored b4 you get to this part.
    Catch up soon...

  3. Hi Mardi the old pics are great arn't they.Children grow up way to fast i think.Take care Kerry xx

  4. > guilty of watching BB too.
    A few hours isn't long enough for n e one to adjust. Love the twist with Nobbi & the van & that Terri got to choose.
    That "voice" is just irritating! I had to LOL when he was there in his novelty PJ's & all the other guy's were in their boxers or shorts.
    yep I agree with B...they already told you "u have the food"....so they'll be around often.
    Great old pic...
    get well soon :P

  5. I must be the odd one out....I just can;t get in to BB!!!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling yuck Mardi...hope it does not last to long xx

    Love the old photo..too cute

    Take care
    Cherie xxooxx

  6. xxx I really hope you are feeling better VERY soon. How gorgeous is the old photo of the kids. I'm not surprised you miss Brent and Alex. Oh I never want that day to come for Tassy! The three of us have agreed that she will live with us forever. Even when she's married with kids. :)

  7. Those sneaks look interesting.

    Love that ol' photo :)