Banana Bread..

27 June 2008

I am a creature of habit / routine.... unfortunately most of these are bad habits / routines....but nevertheless when I decide that I like to do something a certain way....then 'I like to do it a certain way!' so...where is this leading you ask?

Over the last few weeks as I travel to Adelaide for my chemo....I have fallen in love with McCafe Banana Bread.....I have developed a habit where I like to buy a piece....and then eat it for lunch as I'm having my chemo.....its my treat....something that I long for each I begin on about Tuesday.....I think to myself....ohhh pooo chemo on Thursday....and then I have this thought....ohh...but Ill get myself a piece of yummy banana bread.....and so from then on...I replace the yucky thought....with a pleasurable one.

But this has created problems......not every McCafe has it.... and seeing as I'm kindly chauffeured each week by a work colleague....I don't feel I'm in a position to pull the shots.... so I usually gently hint which McCafe Id like to stop at.... and take my far Ive been pretty lucky.

But yesterday..... Scott and his wife Sandra took was Sandra's I really appreciated them giving up their day to take me to town..... and as I know them well as friends also....I put my bossy britches on and I asked Scott to stop at Munno Para on the way they are the most reliable for Banana bread..... imagine my woe....when they said...."we haven't got didn't come in our order..... but we may have some tomorrow ("Tomorrow!!!....what use is tomorrow.....I'm here today!!!!!!!!!!!") ...and no I didn't say that out loud.....but I was screaming it in my head! ...I did Say "Oooohhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I love my banana bread... what am I going to do?" ....with which the lovely lady replied "I know its so nice...and its our best seller too" oh I settled for a coffee and a greasy hash brown to drown my woes...

So.... Scott being the wonderful friend he is.....stopped at another McCafe closer to FMC.... and no....they didn't have any either.... no explanation here....the young girl had such a blank expression I doubted she even knew what it was..... so as I needed to get something or Id be hungry all day....I ordered a scone with butter and jam...takeaway.
I have to add...this same girl got my scone..... then proceeded to fill a small cup with cream from a can....and passed me over the dry scone and this cup of cream.....I once again nicely explained I was after butter and jam....and wouldn't be needing the cream.... oh!...she huffed.... and with that put three butter sachets in with the scone... and pushed the scone (now with three butters included) and the cream a little closer.... so for the third time I mentioned the jam....and the fact I wasn't wanting the cream.
It wasn't until two hours later when I decided to pretend my scone was banana bread....that I discovered there was no knife...and I had to try spreading this very dry scone with the foil from the top of the butter..... you can imagine the success of that....and as far as comparing it to banana bread....I cant...theres no comparison!

So....the story continues....dear Scott and Sandra tried every McCafe and coffee shop they came across in the 5 hours I was at FMC.....and couldn't find any either....its become as scarce as hens teeth.

anyway...the story STILL continues.... as we were leaving the city in peak hour..... I spied another McCafe that Id had success at on an earlier trip..... and Scott being the sweetie he is said he'd give it a shot.... the worst part is.. he needed to cross three lanes of bumper to bumper traffic in order to turn in there.....which he patiently did (very patiently).... and as I entered....I spied one lonely little piece on the tray..... and a man at the counter placing an order....I was so overjoyed.... and then I panicked....what if this man...ordered that last piece....I had visions of me rugby tackling him to the ground....pleading that he order a scone instead... I think I literally held my breath until the end of his order....ohh and I also stood in front of the glass cabinet occluding his view of the banana bread tray...just in case he felt a little peckish and thought the banana bread would do.

I don't think Ive ever enjoyed a piece of banana bread so much..... it was so worth the next 20 minutes that is took for poor Scott to get out of the carpark....across the still bumper to bumper traffic....around a block....and back into the bumper to bumper traffic flow and on our way.... I intend to phone Scott this morning...and thank him once again....I know that if Ian had taken me....he would have told me "Get over it!...Im NOT even trying to get into that Mccafe"

Gee...that was a doozy of a post.... but then...I do love my banana bread.


  1. Anonymous7:04 am

    oh mardi- you poor thing!!
    i can totally relate though

    its so lovely of scott and sandra to do that for you too

    have a lovely day

  2. mardi that story had me on the edge of my very entertaining read, you sure have a way with words. i could picture the whole event from your post:)you'll enjoy it too when you read it back someday-even tho i am sure it caused you much stress at the time. have a happy weekend and here's hoping Maccas stocks up on banana bread for your next trip!

  3. A doozy of a post? Nah - I had a giggle! Thanks for my Friday entertainment!

    I wonder if Scott and Sandra will ever offer to take you again....pmsl.

    Enjoy your weekend and time of with your visitors!


  4. hey mardi.....if ever you want some and i am on my way down your way....i can get you some seeings a Leigh now is a Maccas boy LOL

  5. oh i have just put up the photos for the challenge you and B left a while back about where we live...

  6. lol Mardi love your Banana bread story made me want to try it out now.

  7. pmsl....that is a great story and I am so glad that you got some in the end...

    I have never had it but I am going to try it next time I am at a MCcafe

    Cherie xx

  8. Anonymous9:30 pm

    LOL Marnie - bit of a 'creature of habit' myself, so know the feeling of just gotta have it!! Glad you managed to hunt a piece down in the end - bet all the hunting made it taste even sweeter :)

    Julie xx

  9. Oh Mardi I'm so glad that man didn't steal that lonely piece of banana bread from right in front of you!! LOL! Scott and Sandra were so lovely to do that for you too... what fabulous friends they are! And I'll be looking out for banana bread when he head into Macca's next time... you've sold me on it! Yummo!

    Sheree xx

  10. PMSLOL, you dag! But how sweet of them to put out all the stops to get you your treat!
    LOVE Briony's hair by the way, what a gorgeous girl....just like her Mum!
    Enjoy your time off chick!

  11. Anonymous12:35 pm

    It was funny that I just added a recipe on the new Scrapboxx web site for Banana Bread the same week you had serious cravings for it.

    I've not tried the McCafe one but from what you say it must be heavenly.

    Lucky you having such good friends who would gladly go out of their way to get you what you needed. That's so special.

    Enjoy your 2 weeks off work. Take care and have lots of fun with your friends as they visit you.

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  12. :D
    Obviously you had something to occupy your mind other than chemo! And for that - we thank you, oh elusive banana bread.
    I'm happy you got him in the end!

  13. PMSL Mardi u dag.
    That would've been a funny site... u tackling this poor innocent man.
    But hey! A woman's gotta do what she's gotta do. ;P
    This must be a doozy of a banana bread!
    Great friends in Scott & Sandra.
    OOO I like Briony's new hair do...Especially the red foils.
    Yay for time off.
    U RELAX girl.

  14. Anonymous6:34 am

    Mardi, your stories are so entertaining. You make me laugh. You do realise that you will have banana bread coming out of your ears now. Everyone will be getting it for your. LOL. I'm gonna have to try it if we have it here in Perth! Best wishes. xx Sue

  15. Oh Mardi that is too funny when you love something so much and you can't get it you just want it all the more.Your friends are gems arn't they lol.have agreat week.take care Kerry xx

  16. Anonymous4:56 pm

    What gorgeous friends - sometimes the little things that people do are huge :-)

    I'm glad you got your piece in the end, you know that I won't be able to go into a McCafe now without thinking of you.....

    Allie x

  17. Anonymous8:28 pm

    ROFL, what a cack! I am a creature of habit too. By the way I make banana bread myself ... now that bananas are cheap again and it's winter I make it at least once a week - my kids love it - it's pretty sensational I have to say ... when I am next in SA I'll bring you some!!! I can provide the recipe in the meantime though if you like ... though I don't know how it compares to McDonalds LOL. xxx

  18. thanks for the giggle, i love that bread too....some gloria jeans have a good one too...but ONLY some!

    u have such good friends

  19. Anonymous9:45 am

    You are a wag!! But if you need your banana bread and you want banana bread then by golly you shall have banana bread PMSLOL!
    That's probably how your friends felt hence the drive through the city to find it for you.

    I had to giggle about you standing in front of the cabinet hiding that last piece & could even imagine you tackling the poor guy to the ground if he happened to buy it!

    I am glad that you finally got your banana bread.

    Take care

  20. LOVE the way you told this story Mardi...
    Thinking of you...

  21. Anonymous10:30 pm

    you are a crack up chicky!! its so sad you have to go to chemo every week must be horrible for you!!

    you have been tagged check out my blog!! good luck looking forward to reading your answers

  22. What lovely friends youve got Mardi, im glad youve got such lovely people to take you to your appointments :) im glad you got that banana bread

  23. hi mardi, hope things are going along smoothly for you. i have tagged you on my blog, no pressure here. i never usually do these things but just know you inspire me always! have a happy week.