...this is for you Mum....

25 June 2008

Still struggling to get to my blog posts lately.... but I promised Mum a photo of Brionys new hair do..... so here it is.
I cant believe how much she had chopped off..... Id say a good 5 inches at least... and its been thinned out... coloured....multi coloured in fact....ohh and a fringe too.
She is so happy with it.... with her blonde and copper and red foils....I'm still getting used to it....its growing on me....
Other news.... I'm on Leave as of today..... I now have two weeks off and I'm looking forward to it very much!....in fact...I need it. We have friends (Ron, Donna, Shaun and Kate) arriving on Saturday.....staying with us for two weeks....and I cant wait. We have no plans....other than to rest ...relax and spend time together.

Brent and Alex are well.... and although I miss them still....Ive grown accustomed to them living out of our home. I love how they have this uncanny ability to sniff out the food though....and just roll in on meal time....every time.

Well...its late...and I have an early start again tomorrow... Thursday means Adelaide day....
But....a blog post isnt the same without layouts.....so not sure if I have shared these before or not.... but here are a few...

This first one was a layout I created for the gorgeous Tammy.....she has been so kind to me...and also scrapped me a beautiful layout last year.... I hope you don't mind me sharing it here Tammy... this second layout was created from a sketch at the Boxx.... I loved these photos of Briony with Miss E ...and the sketch worked so well with them. Well as I said...its late....thats it for tonight...


  1. Great Layouts Mardi and i love the new hairstyle looks lovely,she is game doing all that.Goodluck tommorow and good to see that you are having a couple of weeks off to spend much needed time with your friends and family.take care Kerry xx

  2. Great layouts Mardi. Love Briony's new hairstyle,

    Enjoy your visitors.


  3. Wow look at Brionys hair....very cool
    And your layouts are beautiful as always
    Take care
    Cherie xx

  4. Briony looks beautiful as always - these girls grow up too quick, they are young ladies now - Kate has an appointment this afternoon for a "do" she wants a colour, cut and fringe too - it is VERY EXCITING here - we are packing today - Can hardly wait till Saturday - 2 sleeps to go!!!!!
    love you all heaps - c u real soon
    hugs from Queensland - (warm Qld - have packed winter woolies) :-)

  5. Well well Miss Briony - you look sensational - and very grown up. Love the new 'do'...:D

    I bet you can't wait for your visitors to arrive - have a lovely time with them won't you!

    Thinking of you today.


  6. Love your new hair Briony! There's no way I'd be able to maintain that, lol. I'm hopeless!

    Gorgeous MARDI layouts! Especially the one about Tammy. :)

  7. Love the new do Briony!

    Hope today went well Mardi. Enjoy your much needed two weeks off! It'll be so lovely for you to take some time out.

    Sheree xx

    PS Love the layouts!

  8. Anonymous2:46 pm

    heehee Oh look there's my mug on your gorgeous LO...on your blog :0)
    Thank you so much for the gorgeous LO hun! I so love it..mwa!
    Briony's hair do looks gorgeous too. It looks very lustrous (is that a word LOL!) Anyway it looks beautiful to match the lovely young lady wearing it ;0)

  9. Anonymous2:47 pm

    do you wear a hair cut? haha not sure ;0)