Happy Birthdays and a long weekend......

9 June 2008

So...a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY...to Miss Jane....and Crafty Matters!

A bit belated in true Mardi fashion....but Jane....I hope you had an absolutely fabulous day!

Now... make sure you check out the Crafty Matters site...as Jane....has re-released....her ceramic plates....including some gorgeous new designs.....my personal favourites would have to be the pirate...and Bella (a girls plate) .... just beautiful...and such wonderful gifts too.

The theme for the Crafty Matters June show and tell was Birthday / Anniversary..... so I chose to scrap an old photo of Ian and I from about 1984 .... I used a bisque ceramic scalloped circle..... which I applied rub-ons too... as an embellishment.... they are so versatile...love them! Now....It must be the month for birthdays....because another very special birthday event is kicking off tomorrow....and let me tell you....its going to be wonderful.....make sure you check it out at KimArcher @ home ..... I know Kim once again has some amazing things in store for this workshop/ celebration.So what else has happened on this long weekend..... heaps actually.

*Mum and Dad are visiting.....(they arrived on Friday)....and I wouldn't be surprised if they are exhausted already.....we have kept them busy with lots of jobs. Thanks Mum for all the cooking....for re-upholstering my chair... and for the pants you are going to mend. (too tricky for me... hate those double lined tracky dacks with the rip in the crutch type of mending jobs...lol)

Thanks Dad for helping with the fence.... my fluro... my painting escapades... Brionys mirror tiles...and all the other little jobs that have come up.

(Yes Mum...I know!... but I had to share this shot of you dismantling that old chair seat....)

*This week...and weekend have been the country music festival here in Barmera....so the street has been packed with country busker's....and food vans...mini concerts all up the centre of the street... just getting to the supermarket is an ordeal... its so busy....and so musical...lol
Its hard to work out which ear to listen too as you walk the street....music is in quadrophonic...lol

*Also this weekend the first half of the fence went up....so we are now closed in on one side....and it feels so nice. Ian then spent most of Sunday shoveling dirt....levelling the yard....digging out where the paver's will go...
This photo is a pre-fence shot...taken after last weekends effort in the yard... as you can see...there is still lots to do.

* I spent the day on Sunday painting feature walls in my scrap room...and in Brionys bed room....you know how an idea just snow balls.... and even though I was tired and over it by the end....I was so glad I did it. I was so happy to have a little help from Briony too....
* otherwise things are fine..
Dose #8 came and went last week..... thanks again to John for taking me down.
I suffered terrible insomnia after this dose....I had about three nights following with very little sleep... and a lot of aching this time....plus nose bleeds... But.....Id still much prefer this drug than the previous one anyday....at least I can function...

Back to work tomorrow.... so thankful for having had this long weekend...
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Hi there Miss Mardi - I was blogging too so thought I'd pop on over here :0)
    I totally love the LO with you and Ian. Such a gorgeous photo of you both too - it made me go awwww LOL!
    Totally love that aqua colour feature wall! totally yummy! Love the gravel path too. My nana use to have gravel and us kids use to make tracks for our matchbox cars in it (memories, like the corners of my mind) Ahem...where was I? Ah yes...
    Sorry to hear that you suffered blood noses and insomnia! Yucky!! If I could pop over and hand you a hanky I would ;0)
    Take care sweets. Have some warm milk and honey and I hope you can get some sleep for work tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Eeekk! Forgot to add*
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gorgeous LO you made for me and all the yummy goodness of the embellies

  3. I love that photo of the two of you. Aren't you so cute and so YOUNG!!! You must be teenagers hey!
    And your new wall colour is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can I come over to your scrap room? I would totally inspired with a wall like that! Not to mention scrapping with you... :)

  4. Love the pages here Mardi. You rock girls.

    Hope you are feeling better and the insomnia and nose bleeds have settled

  5. When I first seen that LO on the CM site I thought that It was Brent...lol.

    Looks and sounds like you've got alot done this weekend....yee ha! ;)

    Can't wait to see those feature walls - LOVE that blue.


  6. Ahhhh young love hey!...cute photo!
    Bugger about the insomnia & nose bleeds. :(
    Great to hear the house(well yard) is moving along. LOVE the colour of ur feature wall(s).
    Hope the sleep fairy comes tonight.

  7. oh so sweet, love those button earrings you are wearing mardi and the pearls... looks like you are enjoying your new home. you deserve it! love that aqua too. take care mardi:)

  8. Awww just look at you and Ian back then... what a great pic! Love your yummo layout!! Sounds like you had a great(& productive) weekend. It's a gorgeous blue you've chosen for your wall too...

    Hope you managed to rest up and get a good nights sleep for work!

    Sheree xx

  9. Found your work on Scrapboxx and you style completely appeals to me... Gorgeous work!!

  10. That blue looks gorgeous Mardi, so bright and happy!
    Love the pic of you and Ian LOL noice. but I mean, LOOK at those cheekbones of yours!!!!!
    Good to hear you are well sweetie :)

  11. Well haven't you been so busy love the colour of the wall.And keeping your mum and dad busy good on you.Its great when all the family can pitch in and help.I hope you are feeling a bit better and you are getting more sleep.take care Kerry xx

  12. Love that page, hope in 20 years I can do something like that for me and Luke.

    And your paint colour is gorgeous. Just yum.