4 June 2008

Guess where Im going?????

In October.......(yeah I know.....its a little way away yet...but its so exciting)

Im heading to WA to teach at the Scrapboxx retreat !!

"A Special Weekend away in Margaret River is planned for October 2008 - commencing at 12.00pm Friday 24th October through to 5.00pm Sunday 26th October at All Seasons Resort - Margaret River (4 Star Rating) "

Doesnt it look beautiful!! ...doesnt it make you want to come???

Its going to be wonderful to catch up with Maria again.... and to teach alongside the amazingly talented Nicole Anderson.
Cant wait to begin planning... creating... and getting in the groove of it...

Check out all the details in the Newsletter here.......and the prices and

Yep...Im counting sleeps already.... 142 to go....


  1. How exciting Mardi - wish I could get packed in your case! lol


  2. Yep looks totally inviting! :p
    ohhh & u could always stop by my place & shove me in as well...might be a bit crowded but we'll make it work PMSL Hey I'm not that far out of the way am I?

  3. Hey leave room in that suitcase for me too. lol

    Not too sure if I'll get to go down as I've got buckleys of dh letting me to to two retreats this year but would sure like to catch up if you havetime either before or after Mardi.

  4. I bet you're excited. Sounds great!

  5. Anonymous8:46 pm

    OH yeah baby that retreat sounds soooo fabulous!! I wish I could go and have secrets hopes but I won't be holding my breath LOL!!

    Could you fit me in that suitcase too do you think. I think between Belinda &Julie it might be a tad crowded? What do you think LMAO!

    Take care sweets