Some days things just hit us...

23 June 2008

...and yesterday was like that.

.... a phone call from Mum in the morning occupied my head with some bad news I wasnt expecting...

...and then when Ian arrived home in the afternoon with the news that Jane McGrath had passed away....I was devastated.... I cant even begin to explain how I feel.... Im so terribly sad for Jane and her beautiful family.

I know.... and Ive been told over and over not to compare....which I appreciate.... but my normally strong and positive shield has been dented for a few days.....

...and as far as Im concerned ...thats ok.


  1. Love and hugs to you Mardi my friend.

  2. Heya Mardi.
    Big {{{HUGS}}} to u! I know it doesn't change n e thing of what ur feeling & can't cross ne thing off the list for u & I know ur probably sick of hearing ur allowed to feel what u want to feel...everybody has bad days & I know u'll come out shining through the other side.
    Hope u make headway through ur list.
    Love the colour of Briony's room.
    Hope ur chemo goes well & hope the coming weeks get light & airy for u. IYKWIM?

  3. It is such sad sad news isn't it Mardi. I was so shocked when I heard it last night on the news.

    You know what. You can feel anyway you like about it! In my opinion it is totally understandable for you to be feeling the way you are -I know I would be too.

    Big big hugs from me today Mardi.
    If you need to chat - you know where I am.


  4. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Hi ther Mardi!!!

    thought i would leave a comment just to say hi and that dents in the shield are ok, they add character! Hope the rest of your day is fab.

    Lisa. xx

  5. Hi Mardi,
    Thinking of you....
    Love Melis X

  6. Ah lovie, I was shattered too, when I heard the news. She was such a gracious and courageous woman and it is a great loss. Be sad. Be angry. Be scared. It's all OK. But remember, in all reality it could be any of our passings that you read about in the newspaper tomorrow. None of us know when it's our time to go. What matters is how we live our life in the time we have.
    Huge hugs.

  7. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Oh Mardi, I thought of you when I heard about Jane's passing. I knew if would affect you but it is OK to feel sad, scared, down etc. I guess you just need to feel how you need to feel, if that makes sense.

    I am hoping that all the stories of beating this disease lift your spirits too.

    Much love


  8. Mardi hugs to you and don't be hard on yourself.Live each day as it comes.Thats my theroy anyway.Take care Kerry xx

  9. I was so sad to hear the news of Jane McGrath too. She fought so bravely and achieved so much. A true inspiration. May the sun bring you new energy tomorrow Mardi! Thinking of you always!

  10. Hi Mardi

    Thinking of you! Sending you big (((HUGS)))

    Sheree xx

  11. Hey there Missy M. Sending over some major hugs.


  12. Sending you big (((HUGS))) and lots of xxx LOVE xxx
    Take care Mardi

    Cherie xx

  13. I hope the sadness in your heart eases a bit today char

  14. i was shocked by the news of jane too
    i can only imagine how this did dent your sheld
    hugs to u

  15. Anonymous3:14 pm

    It was terrible news Mardi and its more than ok that it left you feeling the way it has - but do know what my friend we will all be here helping rebulid your shield honey - scrappers make great smash repairers ;O)

    You gave me strength Mardi let me give some to you today xxxx

  16. Love and hugs Mardi