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26 July 2008

I find I really struggle to update my poor blog lately....Ive accumulated a tired feeling.... Im not bouncing back as well as Id like each week.... I seriously feel as though I live in groundhog day. I seem to watch everyone enthusiastically energetic around me...and just long for that feeling myself. I guess I do feel better in the knowledge that this week will be my last chemo.....so surely it can only be 'up' from there.

So....what has happened that is noteworthy enough to blog?..... well definitly this first bit of news....

*Poor Mitch.... went off to footy Saturday...and ended up in hospital under observation for a couple of hours.
Apparently he had a racing heart and was feeling very unwell after the game....he said he felt very breatheless...and his hands wouldnt open...he couldnt even grab hold of the drink bottle.
At the hospital the Dr wasnt 100% happy with his ECG.....so sent it off to a Cardiologist... who finally delivered the verdict that it looked ok..... and was perhaps just a random episode caused by dehydration .... and he was allowed to come home....with the advice that if it happens again he is to call an Ambulance.
Mitch was relieved....all he was worried about was not being able to play footy next week....and so... as far as he is concerned...alls good. I guess I feel ok about it too....he's never had this before...and Id like to think he wont have it again.... but Ill be watching and wondering for awhile I guess.

*Chemo Thurday went without a hitch.... I had the lovely Andrew take me down...and I scored some yummy banana bread as well. I cant believe that was my second to last Chemo treatment....its almost at an end...

*I havent seen much of Brent and Alex this week.... but I briefly saw Brent at Gloria Jeans on Saturday....I was grabbing a coffee on the way to netball...and he was working at GAME.... and was getting himself a hot drink of some description.... I loved how he immediatly gave Briony a big hug.... like he had missed her... and although I didnt get a hug....I did get a smile that lit up his face.

* Im hooked on 'Underbelly'.... we have it on DVD.... I began by watching episode one in Adelaide on Thursday.... my chemo ended and I didnt want to leave....I was addicted and wanted to watch more... I arrived home and because I wasnt feeling that great went pretty much straight to bed...and watched episode2....then 3.....then 4.....then 5..... and then finally went to sleep.
I awoke the next day....and the first thing on my mind was episode 6....then 7 .... and so my life has been pretty much like that ever since... I ve just watched episode 10...and cant wait to see the rest...

* Ive also read a fabulous book over the weekend.....Keryn loaned it to me after enjoying it herself.....its called 'Lopsided' by Meredith Norton... the story of a woman with breast cancer.... I couldnt help nodding in agreeance....and laughing at her descriptions of the exact same scenarios Ive been through...

*Journal spots...... I love using journal spots on layouts.... and although this is a poor shot of my layout....you can clearly make out the gorgeous pink polka dot journal spot (try saying that 10 times fast...lol) ... and in case you were wondering where to get your hands on some....this gorgeous friend of mine has then for sale in her Etsy shop here....

*Umm...what else.... well a few weeks ago...before our guests arrived (missing you guys!) .... I whipped up this cushion for the guest bed.... it was so simple...and yet...I think it looks quite nice finishing off the bed....
* I bought myself a little gift with my birthday money from Dad and Mum this week. Its a beautiful wrought candle holder and candle....with a gorgeous cinnamon spicy aroma... its nice to have something nice and new.... thankyou.* plus.... this week I was so spoilt by Helen.... this gorgeous hand bound notebook arrived in my mail box.... its so beautiful.... I love the texture of the pages...the binding..and the fact I will think of Helen each time I look at it.
Well thats enough random'ness for me today.... back with some layouts from the scrap weekend soon...


  1. Hi Mardi,
    Wishing you all the best with your last chemo..I will be thinking of you.

    Poor Mitch...glad to hear he is ok though..

    Hope Alex is keeping well.

    I think I must be one of the only Victorians who has not seen √únderbelly"...it is illegal for us victorians to watch it but I think almost everyone here has seen it...except me that is!!!!

    I got some of those gorgeous journaling spot...they are just so cute...love them.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  2. hi Mardi! Wow only one more chemo to go. I am so pleased for you. I hope it goes well and that you get your banana bread too:) Have a happy and peaceful week. Take Care!

  3. Hi mardi.
    I am so happy that your chemo is almost over.
    Underbelly is a good show, i need to watch the last few though.
    and that page looks great. I love yvette's journal spots they are so funky.

    Kayla Renee. x

  4. Oh thanks for the mention! I love that layout! You did an awesome job with all of those photos! And you clever girl doing that cushion! I have a few to make up for our spare bed too! Just plain fabric tho. :)

    I'm sooooo happy that you're almost done with chemo. I really hope you start feeling a lot better when that's over.

    And poor Mitch! That's awful! Must have been so scary!

  5. Hey Mardi Jane, Poor Mitch, these kids are the worry of our life, but dehydration can certainly do crazy things - next time send him on water logged !!! tell him I love him and miss my "mitchy cuddles" - Glad you are enjoying Underbelly - it was a fantastic miniseries - has Ian watched any ? Thank goodness for the end of weekly chemo - you will find your mojo again when you don't have to travel every week to Adelaide - Say hi to everyone and we miss you all lots - Luv Donna:-)

  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    I haven't seen Underbelly yet - it's on my list of things to watch! I have it on good authority that it's compelling though! So enjoy!
    Thinking of you in your final throes of chemo.
    From a fellow date-lover. xx

  7. Yahoo!!! One more chemo to go!! Hope all goes well (just don't forget the banana bread! lol) I'll be thinking of you!

    I'm happy to hear that Mitch is ok...it must have been such a worry!

    I've been using Yvette's journalling spots here there and everywhere too! I love 'em!

    Gorgeous cushion you clever thing! You're inspiring me to use my sewing machine for something other than scrapping! :)

    What a beautiful little gift from Helen... lucky you!!! I'm going back for another look at it... and your layout too!!

    Sheree xx

  8. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Wow last chemo coming up! That's fabulous.
    I can't believe that I have worked all your appointments :(
    I'm working this Thursday too! bummer.
    Plus I had that cold for a couple of weeks and didn't think it wise to share that with you either.
    I hope Mitch is feeling better. That sounds like it might have been a bit scary! Lets hope it was a one of never to be repeated, episode!
    Take care hun,
    chat soon

  9. Ohhh bugger about Mitch, hope he hasn't had ne more.
    Oooo last chemo, heres to hoping u get that bounce back soon ;o}
    Yep I am hooked on underbelly too Shhh of course being in Vic...I haven't seen it LOL Can't wait until the pre-quel(SP?) to air..(& download).
    Still envious of ur room!
    hoping u ~*bounce*~ back soon chickie :o}