The before shot.....

31 August 2008

Our lives seem to have been consumed by the garden over the last few months (Ian would probably debate the term 'our' ....seeing as most of it has been his hard work....sweat and frustration) ....but anyway.....every weekend.....every fine afternoon ....there has been something needing shovelling....carting....planting....and its very slowly taking shape.
This last week the focus has been on the front yard....and as we woke this morning....Ian informed me we are in for a VERY BUSY day.....I pleaded that the washing needs doing...and I do have to go to work later.....but I have a sneaking suspicion he still has plans for me..
So....this is the before shot..... ***watch this space****


  1. oooooh I know how hard you guys have been working..can't wait to see the 'after' shot...

  2. Oh how exciting! I can't wait to see what it will look like! I loved doing our landscaping. Actually - not so much the "doing" as "accomplishing" lol. I hope he doesn't work you too hard before you have to go to work!

  3. Sounds like you're in for a busy day Mardi.

    I'm sure it will all be worth it once it's done. Can't wait to see what 'you' (hehe) do with it! :D


  4. Ooooo can't wait to see the aftershot! I'm sure it's going to look beautiful!!!

    Sheree xx

  5. oh oh mardi, why is it the guys dont seem to think the washing is so important LOL.....have fun....its quite blustery here as im guessing it is for you too today:)

    Dont work *too* hard in the garden:)

  6. Got to love a before and after shot....Hope you enjoyed the fresh air, and didnt do too much hard work.....cant wait to see the next instalment...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Mardi,
    Looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to today - I have tried to ring you all day today to chat - but you phone seems to be not working ??
    Talk soon,
    Luv Donna :-)

  8. Anonymous5:01 pm

    I'm looking forward to seeing the end result Mardi, I'm sure it will be lovely.

    I'm a bit of a gardener like you - I give the orders and Russ does it LOL.

    I hope you are well and counting the days until that precious little bub makes their entrance.

    Allie x

  9. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Oooo look at that nice blank canvas! Can't wait to see what you and Ian have created with it.
    Will keep on the look out for the 'after' shot