...and the result...

1 September 2008

...of our gardening weekend (or should I say...Ians gardening...I was pathetic! ..it was too windy....it was too cold...I was too tired...Ian on the other hand is like a bull dozer...nothing stops him...hes oblivious to the elements...he just keeps on going no matter what!....bless him)

First some progress shots....

....then the finished product.... all planted...watering system installed... mulched...and ready to grow....I hope it grows quick now..
We decided on all natives....all drought resistant...'.survive on a teaspoon of water' type of plants...and although it looks sparse at the moment....the nursery man has assured us they will grown and cover this in no time...

It felt so good to arrive home this morning and see our home looking finished in the street....no more dirt patch with weeds.....
Big thanks to my honey Ian.... who can keep on going...long after I cant.


  1. WOW! Looks fantastic! Well done. I want to get out in my garden now!

  2. Ohh yay!! Looks great Mardi - another thing ticked off the list?

  3. Looks fab Mardi. It's amazing what you...ohhh...no...Ian *wink* can do in a day isn't it?

    When "we" done ours I was a fabulous supervisor - I really do that job well!

    Enjoy your week and enjoy walking out the front of your place and admiring your new garden.


  4. What a difference! It looks fantastic Mardi! Ian's done a fabulous job... and once is all starts to grow it's going to look even better!

    Hope you're having a great day!
    Sheree xx

  5. Wow Mardi - what a difference! Excellent job!

  6. Well Done Ian...it looks fantastic!!!
    Have a great week Mardi..

    Cherie xx

  7. It looks fantastic Mardi. Ian has done a great job! And don't feel bad-someone has to take the photos.Have a happy week! Leax

  8. Looks great Mardi you won't know yourselves.It is great how you get to supervise and take pics .Well done Ian.take care Kerryxx

  9. Looking good! Well done Ian.

  10. Wow, looks fantastic! Your Husband did an amazing job!

  11. Looks awesome Mardi, just imagine how fabulous it will be when the plants have grown

    Leanne :)

  12. WOW! The garden looks great.
    Lucy xx

  13. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Kewl! Its amazing how a little bit of garden can change the whole look of a house...makes it really look homey now ;0) I'm sure the natives will love the sprinkling of rain we've been getting and will bush out in no time...you'll have to keep us updated now :D