13 August 2008

Im pretty sure I havent shared these layouts on my blog before.... they are from the scrap weekend a few weeks ago.....I just couldnt get in the groove on that weekend... but I am happy to have some layouts to show for it...

So what else?
We had a lovely weekend catching up with Ians family.... everyone was in the Riverland to celebrate Gypsys (our Nieces daughter) 1st it was nice to catch up everyone.

Im back at work on the road...back to my normal shifts.... back in my uniform....back to normal...and it feels good.

I went back to Adelaide on Monday for a 6 month check-up....( alls fine... next check up is December).. I took Mitch and Briony along for the day as company...and we had a lovely day together.

I met up with Tammy and her gorgeous little boy Conner for lunch which was so nice... we had the most delicious calamari.... and chatted away..... thanks Tammy for making the drive to meet me was really lovely...and appreciated.

Ohhh....and I finally came out of hiding and judged the weekly challenge winner at the Boxx... boy it was a tough one.... glad Im not setting it again for awhile...


  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    Hi hun :0)
    it was fab meeting up and sharing lunch...mmmmmm...calamari...yum! I am so craving another serve of that goodness LOL!
    it was great to meet Mitch & Briony too. Both great kids with gorgeous smiles when we met :0)

    Sounds like the weekly challenge was a tough one to judge LOL!
    Love the LO's & TY for all your help too ;) I really appreciate it

  2. HOORAY that your checkup went so well!

    I get so excited when you post new layouts!

  3. Mardi, your work is such an inspiration to me, that I was in total shock when I read my name as the scrapboxx challenge winner! Thanks again, you've given me heaps of encouragement with that tough announcement! (I'd have run away too!)

    Hope you have a fabulous day,


  4. beautiful lo's Mardi
    SO glad ur check up went well & sounds like ur loving being back into the grind stone. Which is fantastic!
    Keep smiling chickie

  5. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Hi Mardi
    Congrats on starting back at work and doing a normal shift and getting your life back to normal! The BEST feeling!! Great that the chemotherapy is finished and the check up went well. In years to come you will look back and marvel at how much you achieved during the past months. You walked a scary path with humour and grace. Your future is bright. Our prayers will continue to surround you. Cyber hugs from Kim's mum (Peggy) x

  6. Hey Mardi ,these layouts are fab and they are even better irl.Glad to see you are back in uniform at last and that you are enjoying yourself.take care Kerry xx

  7. Hello Mardi - delicious layouts indeed!!!! I LOVE them all - great news also on the check up!!!! You're awesome!!!
    HUGS - helenxxxxx

  8. Anonymous9:18 pm

    check this site out

  9. Hi Mardi
    I love you blog, and I am glad to hear things are great with you.
    Could you tell me who makes the letters in your 'new shoes' and 'kodak moments' LO's please? The 'Kodak' and the 'New' ones that is!! Even my LSS shop lady doesn't know!!
    Tara x

  10. Fabulous news about your checkup Mardi. You are such an inspiration!!

  11. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Great to read that all went well for your check up Mardi!!
    Fabbo work with all the layouts here chicky - always enjoy your style!!

    Julie xx