She' back.....

25 August 2008

....and where has she been?
Just busy.....just struggling to find time.... just trying to jam too much in and not succeeding.

Do you ever say to yourself.... "when 'such and such' is over... things will be back to normal and Ill have more time"....... "when Ive got 'such and such organised Ill be ok...Ill have more time"
well....I say this to myself all the time....and yet Ive realised ....this IS life....its always going to be like this.....'have more time' doesn't exist.

So.. whats been happening?... some HUGE things!!!

This boy was successful in gaining a cabinetmaking apprenticeship ...and he is over the moon!

He decided long ago that he hoped to get a trade in construction ...and so he was very keen to apply when the job became available.....he was then thrilled to get a weeks work experience as part of the job selection and loved every minute of it.
We thought at the time... that the weeks work experience... if nothing else.... was a great experience and had really cemented the fact that this was the line of work he was keen to pursue... so imagine our excitement last week when he was asked to return for a final interview....and then to see the smile on his face once he found out he had been successful was priceless. So this morning is his first official day.....he left bright and early at 6.30am.....and I'm looking forward to him getting home and hearing all about it.

Next news is.....this girl turned 15....
Happy Birthday Babe....xx
So as is tradition in our house...the birthday'ee gets to choose the meal for the evening.... thankfully Mum and Dad were staying with us at the time.....and Mum spent the day in the kitchen not me. Brionys requests this year....Homemade meat pies... Tuna mornay.....Cauliflower cheese.... Potato bake....and Sponge cake..... followed by a request for Cinnamon cake and Pinwheels.... thanks was all delicious.
She got a new camera this year....a little pink pocket size one.... and lots of beautiful jewellery... perfume... and girly things...
On Friday night she celebrated with a get together of friends.... I had the easy part of the preparation during the day.....then as the guests all arrived.....I had to go to work...and Ian began the supervision... Briony had a great time... and her friends were very easy guests... and Ian wasn't stressed at all.

Dad and Mum have been staying.... they came for a week..... then left and spent a week in Mildura....then arrived back here for another week....poor Mum is probably exhausted from her stint in the kitchen and laundry at our place.... but its very appreciated...and we are very lucky to have all the help. So if you see this pair roaming in a caravan near you..... that's my beautiful parents.
Brent and Alex are doing well....and 'our' baby is growing and growing. Alex is 34 weeks now...and feeling well....she has the most gorgeous little baby bump... and we are all loving feeling the movements and longing to have the addition to the family.
I'm in process of arranging a baby shower....I have no idea what to do at one... but we are doing it anyway.....should be fun... invitations are on my 'to do' list today.

I'm finally 'back on the road' at work.... which means I'm back in the Ambulance... and out of the office. Ive been enjoying it...enjoying the physical side of the work too... the only downfall is Ive caught the most rotten chesty cold... it seems everyone has it.... and I think normally I would have avoided it as my immunity would have been high.....but after sheltering from bugs for 6 months... my poor body didn't know what hit it. I'm hoping Ill shake it off soon....I'm not fond of feeling unwell!

I have started a bit of a health kick...I need to lose some of the weight I piled on over the last 6 months.
So I was doing well.....I was on the treadmill every day....watching my intake...and I lost .5kg in the first week...and I was pleased.
Then I caught a cold...and the treadmill was out...I was wheezy and blah.... and Mums cooking was so delicious.... so I'm not game to weigh in this week.... but I'm back on track starting today....

Ian has been tirelessly working in the yard.....he is so 'over' shovelling dirt the poor thing....but the yard is taking shape and its a credit to him. I keep promising to help....but I seem to always get caught up on other things...and never actually pick up the shovel..... maybe this week.

Ive started planning my classes for the Scrapboxx Retreat in October.....its coming around very quickly now...and the excitement is beginning to build...

I have my very last Masters challenge for Scrapbooking Memories sitting here ready to do..... it seems only a short time ago that my year began....and now its almost over.
Its been a wonderful year..... although an incredibly busy one!
Ive enjoyed the monthly challenges and opportunities that being a Master has brought to my life....its been fun for sure.
So....I wish everyone who is entering this year.... the absolute best of luck.....the talent pool out there is enormous...and I cant wait to see who the successful Masters are going to be.

Ive been a spoilt bum once again.....I bought myself a new sewing machine (thanks to Mum and Dad on this one too.....for planting the seed and making it grow...xx) Its amazing how FABULOUS it is...and how 'old' my old one is... now that I have a brand spanking new one... and whats even it has the quilting attachments so I can attempt all the projects I have been stockpiling fabric for. Oh...and its the breast cancer special edition I'm sure it was screaming out to me to buy it. Can you tell I'm excited!

...and finally today....a layout that I did in July about our holiday when the Stallans came to visit....I scrapped this on a A4 folder...and then inside I included a diary of what we did each day while they were visiting.... I hate looking at the photos of myself on this the height of 'moonface' stage... but oh well... that's life.That's all for today.... I know Ive missed things.... but I have an enormous 'to do' list calling me...and I want to at least tick a few things off.


  1. ooo well done Mitch! Thats so great that he's found a job that he loves doing!
    Happy Birthday to Miss 15.
    Mum's are excellent aren't they! ;o}
    OMG 34 weeks...that went quick!
    Tell Alex looks gorgeous!
    Hope ya get betta soon chickie.

  2. I've missed your blog! What a lovely update.

    Congratulations Mitch!
    Alex looks absolutely gorgeously cute!
    Happy birthday Briony!
    Byebye mum and dad!
    Yay for the new sewing machine! You've just made me realise that my "new" machine I got for my 21st is now 14 years old! lol
    Gorgeous layout about your holidays too! I love the folder idea. :)

    Hope you're feeling much better soon!

  3. Wow it's certainly been busy at your place lately! A huge congrats to Mitch for getting the apprenticeship! So great that he's doing something he enjoys. Happy Birthday to Briony! Sounds like she had a fabulous day. Alex looks so gorgeous and I can't believe she's at 34 weeks already!! Not that long to go exciting for your all!

    Love the layout and the folder idea... very clever! I sure hope you kick that horrible cold soon! Great to hear you're 'back in the saddle' at work though...

    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Sheree xx

  4. Hi Mardi,
    What a great newsy blog ....lots of things happening - I can not believe how Alex's belly has grown, she looks beautiful - Congrats to Mitch - Happy Birthday to Briony Jane - Glad you are back on the road - hope that you are feeling better - lots of flu about up here too - your mum and dad look both well - Bye for now and once again a great blog entry Love Donna :-)

  5. It is like that with time and the deals we make with ourselves, I know exactly what you mean.

    Was wonderful to see this post and at the same time I can see why you havent got much time :o)

    It all looks good though.

    Take care of yourself Mardi and I hope you find a few hours hidden in there somewhere.

    Rachie xxxx

  6. Good to see you have got back on track.Congrats to Mitch on his new job.Happy birthday to Briony on her birthday.You wont know yourself with that new machine.That time has gone so quick for Alex,you will be nanna before you know it.take care Kerry xx

  7. Wow any wonder you have not had time to blog Mardi..

    Well done to Mitch and his new job.

    Glad to hear Briony had a great birthday..

    34 weeks!!! wow I bet Brent and Alex are both very excited and can't wait to meet their new little bundle of joy...
    I bet Briony is also very excited about becoming an aunty...

    take care Mardi
    Cherie xx

  8. well done mtch and that sure is one cute little baby bump Alex has there, wont be long now :)

  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    Hi Miss Mardi :0)
    You have been busy haven't you!
    Congratulations to Mitch on his apprenticeship! I can imagine how excited his is...woohoo!
    Love the photo of Alex. She is just the cutest :0)
    Happy Birthday Briony :0) Glad to hear that you had a great day hun :0)
    Shoveling dirt is hard work! At least it only has to be landscaped once LOL! Then Ian and yourself can sit back and reap the rewards of a gorgeous garden.
    Glad to hear your back at work and enjoying it too. I hope your flu doesn't hang around for long :(
    And WOOHOO!! on the new sewing machine :0)

  10. ALEX IS 34 WEEKS? (Sorry, not yelling, just excited!!!). OH MY the weeks have flown by Mardi!! Alex looks gorgeous and I am SO happy to hear all your wonderful news!!! Go team Winen!!! love ya heaps - Hxxxxx

  11. Congrats with all the good news. Alex is not that far behind me with her pregnancy. She looks gorgeous too.

    Take care of yourself.