Happy Birthday.....and a weekend away...

22 September 2008

Yes...two special people celebrated their birthday on Saturday.... both Ian and Alex.... and as if that isn't coincidental enough...Alex's Dad also has his birthday on the same day.
Ian and I decided to go away for the weekend.....a no specific plans.....no specific reason....type of weekend....and so we celebrated the birthdays on Friday night.
Technically this was Alex's cake....but Ian managed to get his birthday head in there too...So...on Saturday morrning....Ian...Briony and I headed away for the weekend... Mitch was on his footy trip (they went to a paintball weekend at Sedan)...and Brent and Alex stayed home.
First stop was Adelaide.... we did a little shopping...finally got the last of our wooden blinds (I'm gonna miss that bedspread curtain...NOT)....and then we headed on down the coast to Victor Harbour and Goolwa....

These photos are from the weekend....
How beautiful is the wattle....all out in flower.... makes my eyes itch and my nose sneeze.....but very pretty.

Loved the old historic buildings....
We stumbled across these markets in Goolwa on Sunday morning.... this is Briony's 'put the camera AWAY!!' face....and this is her box camera lesson.....she thought Ian was joking with her to begin with....
"what...you look through where?"

Yes.....Ian had me sitting....waiting for the big wave to create the spray behind me.... I sat and sat.....and sat....and then finally we got a little wave spray....and so I moved on...but only in the knick of time...as the next one was gigantic and I would have been saturated....and NOT HAPPY..lucky for Ian.

Look how green this countryside is.... we forget winter can make country look like this... its so dry here still.
and a trip to Victor wouldn't be right unless you saw the train....
So...that's it from me.... we are all home... all refreshed from a wonderful weekend away.
Mitch had a great time paint balling.....he is covered in bruises from the paint balls....but otherwise happy.


  1. LOL.... Mardi the look on Brionys face is priceless ....I can see my own DD's doing the same thing...PMSL

    Great photos and I am so glad you all had a lovely time.

    Cherie xxx

  2. Hi Mardi, Sounds like a great weekend away - it is fantastic just to recharge the batteries. I too love the look on Briony's face...it is a look we have all seen in our hubby's and kids. Love the wattle photo...well all the photos...you are really getting your camera worked out...talk soon, Love Donna :-)

  3. Happy birthday Ian and Alex. I hope they both had a very special day.

    Sounds like a nice refreshing time away. :D


  4. Oh look at your hair! :)
    I'm so happy you had such a lovely time away. It all looks so beautiful. And lol at Briony's face!

  5. Its great to see that you had such a good weekend sometimes you need to do that.Love the pics and happy birthday to Ian and Alex.take care Kerry xx

  6. Sounds like its a good excuse to get away...just 'cause.
    Great pic's...PMSL @ Briony's face.
    Have a perfect week

    Ohhh & Happy Birthday to Ian, Alex & Alex's father...what a coincidence!

  7. Love those pics Mardi! So nice to hear you all had such a great weekend away!

    Sheree xx

  8. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Victa looks gorgeous! Jason and I are thinking of taking the kids for a bit of whale watching? Love the photo with the spray and I had a giggle picturing you running from that last big wave!
    Trains (shudder) LOL