17 September 2008

...our budgie is mental!! (edited to add: 'mental' as in crazy...thrill seeking and unconventional....just realised my description may offend...and I thats the last thing I would want to do)
He has taken a liking to our wooden blinds.....he is either scooting along the slats all hunched over with his little claws clattering away.....or he is just sitting still.....even sitting still he's still hunched because its no where near wide enough for him to stand comfortably.... I keep asking him what he thinks he is doing?.....but he has no idea!


  1. Check him out - silly little guy!


  2. Boozy is beautiful and yes a little crazy - give him a cuddle from us :-)

  3. LOL Boozy sounds a little crazy! what has Mitch been teaching that bird lol.
    Lucy xx

  4. That looks so funny he looks like he is in take care Kerry xx

  5. He's looking for friends! Our budgie used to sit on mum's knitting needles and when he lost his balance he would happily swing upside down. He also used to sit on our glasses and work his way around until he was perched on the bridge over the nose. He'd then look us in the eye, with his head upside down and say "what are you doing?" He was hilarious!

  6. LOL!! Funny little thing! He's obviously lovin' it!

    Sheree xx

  7. careful he doesnt eat them mardi.....leigh had a lovely blind in his room like that little did we realise that he had actually chewed the heck out of them LOL...ooops

  8. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Crazy bird! What have you been putting in his birdseed lately Mardi! Lol!

    Anita. xx

  9. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Haha that is so funny! :D
    perhaps he feels secure like a tree hollow :D