Im so THRILLED to announce...

26 September 2008

....the arrival of......
Anna-Bella Jane Winen

born at 3.30am on 25th September
7lb 9oz
and as cute as can be!! (Yes...biased Nan already)

I remember not long ago a friend telling me that she wasnt prepared for how much she would love her grandchild when he was born. She said it surprised her that she had such an immediate and strong (grand) maternal bond to him.... and I have to say...she summed it up perfectly and its so true....
This gorgeous little bundle called Anna-Bella just melts my heart....I could bring her home....and keep her for mine....Im besotted.
I should also mention so are the rest of the family.... theres going to be a lot of love for this little girl.... there is already.


  1. Anonymous10:40 am

    Congratulations Mardi
    She is BEAUTIFUL and her Mum is looking pretty fantastic too!!
    I am a bit of a lurker in this blogworld but I had to stop and cay congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful granddaughter.
    See you in October at the Scrapboxx retreat.

  2. OH MY GOD Mardi!!! She is just absolutely, positively, divinely GORGEOUS!!!

    Massive CONGRATS to Brent and Alex... love those photos - you can just see the love already.

    I am truly so happy for you all - you especially, mate. It's not been an easy year for you and I'm so glad that you've been given this wonderful, precious gift as a reward for all the hardships.

    sending out huge love and hugs to you all
    can't wait to see more photos (which I'm sure there will be LOL)

    Ali :o) xoxoxo

  3. aww she is to cute.
    congrats mardi on becoming a nan!
    Congrats Brent and Alex
    & Welcome to the world Miss Anna-Bella
    She is gorgeous.

    Kayla ReneƩ

  4. ohhhhhhh mardi this is wonderful news! what a precious precious girl little anna-bella is. and look at that beautiful mummy and proud daddy. new life...amazing! what a wonderful gift you have all been blessed with!she's just perfect!

  5. Anonymous12:36 pm

    she is divine.......
    congratulations to mum,dad, grandparents, aunties and uncles- she is going to be totally spoiled LOL
    looove her name- especially that second one hehehe.
    im tipping there will be lots of pink lo's from miss mardi from here on in!!

  6. Congrats again Mardi (aka nanny...hehe) - she is just perfect!

    A BIG congrats to Brent and Alex, they are going to make fabulous parents!


  7. Oh Mardi she is so so precious!!! What a beautiful little bubba girl!!! A huge congrats to Brent and Alex (who looks fantastic by the way!) and of course to the rest of the family too... such an exciting time for all of you! So happy for you!!!!!

    Sheree xx

  8. Anonymous1:27 pm

    OH wow how gorgeous is she .. Congrats Nanna Mardi .. and a big huge congrats to Brent and Alex .. welcome little Anna-Bella (love the name) !!

  9. OOOhh a pink one! She is simply divine! Big congratulations to you all :)

  10. Congrats on her safe arrival....and she is adorable... what a beautiful name :)

    Alex, Brent and Anna-Bella make a stunning looking family!

    And Nan doesnt sound half proud :) :)

  11. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Congrats to Brent and Alex and to you all! She is such a sweetheart! Congrats! :)

  12. CONGRATULATIONS to everybody!!! Oh Mardi she is SUCH a doll, and of course you would be totally besotted :)

    Alex looks great!

    And I echo what Ali deserve all this joy, so just love it all and take every bit of it :)

  13. Congratulations to you all! She looks as cute as can be :)

  14. thought I'd pop out of lurkdomm and say congratulations, she is beautiful.

  15. Oh Mardi congrats thats fantastic mum and baby look fab.I know how you feel about being a nanny.Our little grandson is just over a month now.I coulsd so keep him.Congrats to mum and dad too.I'm sure there will be loads and loads of cuddles coming from all of you.take care Kerryxx

  16. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Mardi she's just beautiful!!! HUGE congrats to the new mum and dad and even HUGER congrats to the new Nan and Pa! Enjoy every moment!

  17. Congratulations from us, She is absolutely beautiful....
    Ron, Donna, Shaun and Kate

  18. Congratulations to one and all Mardi!

    So glad to hear she has arrived safe and well - such wonderful wonderful news.

    So Nanny it is then :o)

  19. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Oh wow Mardi she is just adorable!! Huge congrats to Alex, Brent and all the family!!

    Both mum and bub look extremely well!! Enjoy her

    xx Nikki

  20. Big congrats to you all and can't wait to see some gorgeous baby pink LO's from you Mardi!
    She is just beautiful.... so is her name !

  21. Congrats Mardi on your BEAUTIFUL granddaughter she just gorgeous...
    Conrats to Brent and Alex too, I hope Alex is well...
    Love to all
    Cherie xoxoxoxoxox

  22. Hey Mardi!!! A huge congrats to you and your family and to Brent and Alex!! Well done she is just so beautiful. I seen a photo of Alex on Janelles blog and i thought that her tummy bump looked very low. Wow such great news.

    I cannot wait to see all the little girl lo's. Im sure there will be plenty!!

  23. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Ahhhhh *screams* Oh Mardi she is ADORABLE!!!
    Congrats to Brent & Alex...Nan Mardi & grandad Ian and Aunty Briony and Uncle Mitch :)
    I'm so excited for you all.
    I lurve!!! Her name too. So so sweet :0)

  24. Your grand daughter is just adorable Mardi. Congratsall round.

  25. Anonymous12:03 am

    Hia, I'm a visitor to your blog - because I LOVE your LOs - just couldn't resist saying 'Congratulations' to you all.

  26. Anonymous8:32 am

    Congratulations Brent and Alex. Anna-Bella. What a beautiful name. She is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to be a grandma and feel all that love again. My youngest is only 9 but my eldest is 22 and been with his girlfriend 3 yrs. Congrats you and Ian on becoming grandparents too. What an exciting time ahead of you all. Hope the birth went well and Alex is okay. Best wishes to you all. xx Sue

  27. HI Mardi,
    I am a bit of a lurker as well but i have been reading your blog for a while now, Congrats to Bretn & Alex, she is absolutely beautiful....And yes being the first grandchild is always special and amazing

  28. congrats to everyone!!!
    she is beautiful
    everyone looks so happy and so in love with this bundle.
    happy family days

    cant wait to see the baby layouts!

  29. Bit of a lurker here too Mardi :)but just had to leave a comment.
    Congratulations...I am so very thrilled for you

  30. Congratulations Mardi
    she is so gorgeous and a lovely name they chose. Alex looks great too. Cant waite to meet her :)
    Love Lucy

  31. Massive massive congratulations from me too Mardi - you know how absolutely THRILLED I am for you all - she is simply divine!!! Can't wait to watch her grow too. xx Janelle

  32. She is just gorgeous!! Congratulations!

  33. Anonymous8:57 am

    Congrats Mardi...what a gorgeous little grandaughter you have!! She is divine!! I hope Alex and Anna-Bella are settling in nicely!!

  34. xxxxx huge congratulations to you all! such a truly special little person to have made her arrival in your lives. Tatum xx

  35. Congratulations to you and your family Mardi!!! Anna-Bella is such a beautiful little baby girl!!

  36. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Congratulations to Brent and Alex on their precious first born.

    Anna-bella is just gorgeous and I know that she will be just adored by all of her family.

    Congratulations to you too Mardi
    :-0 I can't wait to see the little pink layouts that I'm sure you are itching to do


  37. Absolutely perfect specimen! Well done to mum and dad!

    Congratulations , wonderful wonderful news!

  38. Congratulations Mardi!
    What a gorgeous little girl Anna-Bella is, and looking comfy and happy with her wonderful proud parents too, so sweet to see!

  39. Another lurker coming out of hiding to say Congratualtions Nan! And congratulations to Brent and Alex too. Anna-Bella is absolutely gorgeous, she's making me very clucky!

  40. Mardi....huge congratulations to ALL OF YOU!!! What a beautiful little girl....Anna-bella is so precious.

    How have you been?! I am sorry for the lack of contact....bad time management and being way too busy for my own good is to blame....thinking of you all though, and sending the warmest of congratulations to the entire family :-)

    Megan xx

  41. Oh she is divine Mardi!
    Congrats to you and your family!
    How amazing!
    I adore her name too!
    Melis XXX

  42. Anonymous7:04 am

    Such wonderful news! Congratulations to all! Lovely to read this, sorry it's taken me a few days to get here ... didn't realise until the Boxx thread.

  43. Congrats Mardi, Anna-Bella is devine, Brent and Alex look so happy. total blessing to be a parent, can't wait until number three decides to join us here. sick of waiting at 4 days over already.