Ive been told!

28 September 2008

Apparently....I'm not a Nanna....or a Nan!
Both Brent and Alex agreed that they couldn't see me as Nan.... it just didn't fit......so.....Im a Grandma! I was just getting used to calling myself Nan too...oh well....Grandma Mardi it is!

Anyway..... THANK YOU so much for all the congratulatory messages .. we are so very proud of her....and its so lovely that so many of you have taken the time to comment and share in our excitement...

Ive begun scrap booking her already....shes such an adorable and compliant subject....but layouts will have to wait...because tonight I want to share a few more photos....

She is... so far....such a good bub too.... sleeping.....feeding ....sleeping... barely a peep out of her....I hope it lasts for them... and she continues to be as relaxed and happy as she is now.

So...just before I go.....here is a photo that Briony took on her camera...its a little blurry and my hair is standing on end... but it does show how perfectly she fits in my arms...she's just my size...


  1. Ohhh Mardi, Anna-bella is such a cute little dot. Alot of clucking happening here! I especially love that first picture, the lighting, her little chubby, soft cheeks and the way her bottom lip is tucked under the top. She's beautiful Enjoy!

  2. Grandma Mardi you have the most beautiful grand daughter.....she is just gorgeous

    Enjoy this special time...they grow up way to quickly

    Cherie xxooxx

  3. Anonymous8:38 am

    Mardi she it just the cutest. How they melt your heart. What a joy it's going to be having her around. I too hope she continues to be a relaxed and happy baby. Make the most of every moment with her. Can't wait to see her Layouts. xx Sue

  4. Oh Grandma Mardi, she is so beautiful. I really want a cuddle.
    I adore the last b/w photo of her, where she looks a bit like Judi Dench (I have no idea why that popped into my head, rofl). xxx

  5. Anonymous11:00 am

    Hi Grandma Mardi :0)
    I love looking at all the photo's of Anna-bella! She is just adorable!
    I especially love the BW one of her where it looks like she is blowing a kiss heehee...just so cute!

  6. Oh Mardi she is just beautiful, congrats to Alex and Brent and the rest of you too :), you look like the perfect Grandma, adorable, thats just how to describe her :)
    and what a lovely name :)
    cant wait to see some LOs of miss Anna-bella

  7. oh look at that little face! She's gorgeous!!! and surrounded by a beautiful loving family. And mardi..check out all YOUR hair!! it looks fabulous!!!!! And is growing fast!

  8. She IS just your size Mardi!

    Alex and Brent really are fantastic designers - Anna-bella is so perfect. Glad to hear she is sleeping for them too....fingers crossed she keeps that up!

    Megan xx

  9. Well hey there 'grandma' :)

    Isn't she so precious! You're going to have a ball scrapping the pics of her. What a beautiful little doll she is!


  10. Hi Grandma, sounds good hey - she is beautiful and I love all the photo's - Imagine the fun you will have scrapping an album for her - it must be an amazing thing to have your child have a child of their own - I can only imagine what that must be like - enjoy her - and you hair has grown heaps !!! look after yourself,
    Love Donna :-)

  11. great photos
    one of those is just so cute it makes me want another bubba
    and then i think of sleepless nights and sharing my bed with another child and i think eeek lol
    there is hardly enough room for me dan and emily now (god forbid she have to spend the entire night in her room lol)

  12. Grandma Mardi has a special ring to it :)
    She is just gorgeous, and you can see the joy she has bought to your lives, Congrats again :)

  13. Anonymous7:03 am

    These photos are sensational!
    You don't look like a Grandma to me ... but maybe that's because my Grandma was 71 when I was born!

  14. Hey Mardi I have been stalking your blog for awhile but just had to comment. Congratulations, she is gorgeous. What a beautiful family. And you are such an inspiration so much love & courage!! Love your scrapping too so can't wait to see your shares. Enjoy being a 'grandma'. Mel xx

  15. Mardi she is adorable can't wait to see the layouts that you are going to do of her.Little cherub.Take care Kerry xx

  16. Awwwww....Mardi she is so absolutely perfect!! Such a beautiful little bubba!!! Loving all those adorable photos...

    Sheree xx

  17. She is just precious. You look pretty darn great too Grandma!
    Let me use this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated your article in this month's SM.
    Thank you for sharing your story.