Sewing....yes....Ive been sewing...

8 September 2008 I mentioned....I bought a new sewing old one was over 20 years old...and I hadn't realised just how old and rattly it was. The last time I made a quilt (my citrus crush quilt) I needed to borrow Mums machine....mine didn't have the attachments required....and just wasn't up to such a big job. So....with some more quilting projects on my planning board.....I decided a new machine was a worthy purchase.....poor Ian took a little convincing.. Ive promised him that I'm now over all my 'must have' purchases....although I'm thinking a steam mop for my tiles would be

Anyway..... I was so excited when Janelle offered me the chance to be a 'pattern tester' for one of her new patterns..... its such a gorgeous design....called 'Thelma's Day out'
Janelle's pattern includes both the most beautiful bag....and these very funky belted journal I set to work on making some journal covers.....and they were so easy to create.... (the pattern was so easy to follow)...and the colour combos are endless...
First I made this one from denim.....
...and because I couldn't stop at one.....I made this one from gingham....
...and then....I was still in the new sewing machine was purring along....and I was having lots of ...I made a cot quilt for Brent and Alex
I am planning on making a second one...a gender specific one soon as I know whether to buy blue or pink.
This was my trial run.... my...'see if I could do it' quilt...and...Im pleased to say... that all Janelle's coaching has paid off...I did remember the basics...and it came together incredibly easily.

So that's it from me today..... I have more stitching projects in the 'cutting out the fabric' stage....its exciting.


  1. Mardi thank you SO much for pattern testing my journal cover for me - and I LOVE your versions SOOO much. AND your cot quilt - my goodness, you are on FIRE Woman. I can't wait to see what you create next - I am SO proud of you xxx Janelle

  2. Wow, just stunning! Love the gingham journal cover.

  3. Hi Mardi,
    Glad to see you are enjoying sewing again and your new machine would be a lovely change from your old faithful...remember when the kids were little we made heaps of tracksuits for was fun...all bright, colorful and patchy from what I remember....take care, luv Donna:-)

  4. Mardi I LOVE your quilt!!!!!The colours are mazing! love to have a go at quilting but not sure id be any good....LOL i am however sewing Zoe a dress at the moment....

  5. Your sewing is gorgeous Mardi, I've been sewing too!

  6. OMG the journal cover is absolutely divine. Yummo

    Leanne x

  7. Anonymous8:57 pm


  8. Mardi i love your journals and your quilt just beautiful.Take care Kerry xx

  9. ooer very nice stitching
    what machine did u get im off in search of a new one this week too

  10. Hi Mardi
    omg i just love those journal covers, they are gorgeous! were can i get the instructions for them?? i would love to have a go at some.
    that quilt is beautiful, i bet Alex and Brent loved it. You will make a great grandparent.
    Hope your all well
    Love and hugs Lucy xx

  11. Just gorgeous Mardi....I love it all...

  12. thanks for the blog visit

    oh i saw your machine and wondered what it was like, has everything i want too. im off today to look for one woohoo!!!

    thanks for the comment on my masters double and our new house, cant wait until i live there!

  13. U've got oodles of talent chickie....they look gorgeous
    & such a great teacher u have.

  14. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    i love your journal covers & I am waiting eagerly for the pattern release so I can make some too. I think they'll make fabulous Xmas presents.
    The cot quilt looks gorgeous! and I think a pink or blue one will look gorgeous too.
    (I'm gonna go with pink on the bubs!)

  15. So beautiful Mardi - you are a whiz!!!

  16. wow love your journal covers and wow lookat that quilt its awesome Mardi, your sewing up a storm, cant wait to see your next creation :)

  17. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Hi Miss Mardi :)
    I have nominated your blog for an award. You'll need to check it out here
    Scrapbook Nook