...well its been awhile...

12 September 2008

...since I wrote a family update.... so here's one today...dot point fashion...

*We are in full swing organising a baby shower for Alex tomorrow.... I don't think I had been to one on over ten years.....or possibly longer...so I was a little 'dumb' about what to do....but after calling in ideas from friends...a little Internet research...we now have it all under control...
I'm sure it will be lots of fun....and something for Alex to always remember.... especially with a few of the games we have in the pipeline..

*Alex is now 36 weeks .....and feeling well.. we are at the very exciting stages now... I'm half expecting a phone call any time from now on....
*Mitch is loving his job.... he has even adjusted to getting up so early and being 'at work' so long... a big improvement on the first week where he was almost falling asleep at the table during tea.
I'm getting used of checking his pockets before I wash....and I'm getting a collection of little screws... plugs and laminate samples.... pretty handy stuff..lol

*Briony was so excited today....she left home at 5.15am for a trip to the Adelaide show..... I don't think Ive seen her so excited about anything in a long time...I cant wait to hear all about it tonight when she arrives home.

*Ian is still madly gardening.....the front is finished and now he has shifted his focus to the side yard.... we are thrilled that our pergola plans are now at council....hopefully they will be approved quickly and the pergola can go up... and Ian can finally finish the garden layout... its so nice to see the parts we have finished are beginning to shoot and grow in this warmer weather.

*No news on me.... same old...same old...

Ok got to run...I have a big day planned....


  1. How exciting for you with Alex being so close. We will all be waiting for the news when it happens so make sure you keep us posted. Glad to hear that all else is going smoothly for you Mardi

    Leanne Love :)

  2. No wonder you are excited Mardi I cant believe she is already 36 weeks!

    Enjoy the baby shower tomorrow and I hope Alex does too.

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Rachie xxxx

  3. Great to hear the family is all well and having a good time.
    Far out time flys...it seems like yesterday we found out Alex and Brents had one on the way. I can imagine how excited you all are, glad Alex is well....any reason for the use of baby blue on the layout??? lol.
    Have an awsome weekend and i hope Ian hasnt got too much gardening planned for you lol.
    Lucy xxxx

  4. Hi Mardi,
    Have fun at the baby shower - give Alex a cuddle from us - she looks so beautiful in that photo. How exciting about the plans in at council - Love to all Donna :-)

  5. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Oh blogger ate my post :(
    Glad to hear that Alex is doing well and I'm sure she will have a fabulous baby shower tomorrow. I look forward to the pics of all the fun and games.
    Your garden is sounding gorgeous! & I'm sure Briony will have a ball at the show. They have some new rides there this year. Some real screamers LOL!!
    Have a great week-end

  6. Great layout of Alex and you will have a ball at the baby shower i'm sure.Have agreat weekend take care Kerryxx

  7. Hi gorgeous,
    Wow..how exciting Mardi. Its getting so close.
    I'm sure you'll be the most doting Nanna ever. :)

  8. Anonymous8:02 am

    ohh, have fun at the baby shower- your layout of alex is beautiful- love that butterfly (wink) lOL

  9. I adore the photo and layout of Alex! Just beautiful. :) It's nearly time!!!

  10. wow Mardi, I love the nappy cake!! very clever.The baby shower photos looks great, love the nappy game LOL!! all the best to your family in the coming weeks. I am kind of going to highjack this post and ask you how you created the patchwork cushion for you daughters bed that you have a photo of back in a post on june 18. I love the inside out seams and would love to create something similar for my daughter. Can you please email me at tamnjazz@hotmail.com with some tips. I would really appreciate it. Keep creating, your talent is incredible and I love having a look at your latest creations.
    kind regrds,