Guess who?

21 October 2008

Started at the gym last night??
That would be me!!!

I joined a 12 week program..... and last night was the first session! .....the big reveal session! ....the measure every body part and record session....the jump on the scales session....the how many...push-ups...sit-ups...metres jogged session.... the setting a baseline session.... all to be compared agian in 12 weeks time....

...and today.....Im a little stiff....not too bad....surprisingly...seeing as my body felt like a jelly fish when I arrived home.

There are other women in the group who have signed back up for their second and third 12 week sessions....they all vow that this program has made a huge difference to their bodies... and Im inspired again.....I just want some fitness back.

Its hard to believe that its only two days now and Ill be off to the Boxx retreat..... today is packing day.....seeing as tomorrow I have treatment....and another session at the gym (not sure how Ill go with that....but Ill take it slow)

Today is also the day our house guests leave.....Ive loved having them wake and have Anna-Bella here has been so lovely.... her little face each morning....too cute.
But....Im sure they are looking forward to being back in their own din their own routine...


  1. Awwwww..... look at that gorgeous little face! She's so adorable!!!

    Good on you Mardi getting into the gym! I really should be taking a leaf out of your book...

    Have an absolutely awesome time at the retreat! I know you will!!! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back...

    Sheree xx

  2. Such a cute little face!! Have fun at the retreat!!

  3. Good on you Mardi, I know you will enjoy your time at the gym...

    Love at the gorgeous litlle face...she is just beautiful Mardi...

    Have a fantastic time at the retreat...

    Cherie xx

  4. ohhh what a little doll! And GO MARDI! the hardest bit is getting started and you've already done that! It's all up from here. Hope it brings you loads of new energy!Take care, Leax

  5. Awwww SO CUTE!!!!
    Good on u for joining the gym :oD
    So jealous....have a great time @ the retreat would've loved to do ur class!
    Have fun!

  6. Oh wow how much does she look like Brent?? Too cute :)
    Good on you for joining the gym...somehing I wish I was motivated in but not this little black duck.
    I am getting the Wii Fit game off Santa though (I don't think he knows yet!!) LOL

  7. Mardi Jane, Good on you for joining the gym...I have no motivation...or should I say I have 1 weeks worth and then it fades dramatically....I will have to take a leaf out of your book and get in happening...enjoy your weekend away....and how much does AnnaBella look like Brent when he was a baby...both adorable...cheers Donna :-)

  8. Going to the gym is fab,if only i could motivate myself to do it.Have agreat time in Perth i'm sure you will.And the baby is so sweet i love her pretty little face.Take care Kerry xx

  9. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Good on you Mardi. I'm sure that you will feel great once you get back into it.

    I've been thinking of you and wanted to wish you happy travels for the retreat. I think it will be fantastic for you and such a treat after your year.

    Take care